Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 18

Physical Description: Alice stands at approximately 57. She wears her long, blonde hair in a braid that reaches to around her hips. Her bangs somehow always manage to cover her left eye, although no-one can really think of a reason for this to be. She is rather athletic, giving her a decent muscular build, though not overly so. The eye visible to others is a strikingly sharp violet hue. Typically preferring to be able to move freely and with maximum efficiency, she wears clothes that are relatively tight, but that do not interfere with movement.

Hand-to-hand combat-- Alice can fight averagely without any weapons, but is much better with her various knives (she usually carries about 20, 12 of which are designed to be thrown, the other 8 are of varying sizes)
Swimming-- Alice is a rather good swimmer, able to swim effectively (though not incredibly quickly) with all of her equipment.
Cliffhanger-- Her skill with knives and minor athletic prowess allow her to pinpoint even the smallest indents and irregular areas in what to others might seem to be a sheer cliff; this allows her to climb and hug these surfaces much better than an average person.
Backflip- She can do backflips. Effectively, and elegantly.

Personality: Alice was always somewhat of an outcast, preferring to train her skills rather than play with the other children. Not really socializing much, she found herself being described as 'cold' or 'unfeeling.' She ignored these claims and continued her practices, eventually falling out of the social sphere entirely if it did not involve her activity. She tends to avoid most other people if she can help it, and avoids becoming attached to them if she can't avoid them.

Backstory: Though her origins were not particularly noteworthy, her personal discipline lead many not-so-legitimate job-offerers to take interest in her. At the age of 16 she began mercenary work, beating up a debtor here, acting as an extortion agent there, occaionally assasinating a rival, all of which kept her well paid.... and her effectiveness kept the requests coming in. Starting out in Nydelisien, she eventually took a job that led her across the border to Zedia. After failing the job, she no longer saw any point in returning across the border to her 'home,' choosing instead to deal in even more underhanded jobs in the new country. Her fighting style won her many job requests from those who wished to blame Nydelisien for whichever target's death she caused. She began learning some of the Zedian assassin's techniques, intending to one day return across the border and continue her work in both countries, spreading discontent and egging the two into escalating conflict, for no real reason than it would be profitable to both her and her employers.

Strengths: Good at being stealthy, giving and seeing through misinformation, and avoiding people. Handy in melee scuffles.

Weaknesses: Tends to underestimate her adversaries, especially those physically weaker than herself. Has trouble fighting long-range foes. Attention span somewhat lacking, but if she memorizes something properly it sticks with her. Painfully allergic to any and all citrus.