Choryn Ghaoughran
Name: Choryn Ghaoughran

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 22

Physical Description: Choryn is a staggering 7 feet tall with broad shoulders and long arms.  He has long dark hair that falls loosely down his back. He is well muscled and carries a scimitar, and dagger at his belt, along with various pouches of gear and equipment on his belt for his field craft.  He wears a powerful short bow over his shoulder with a quiver of arrows. His clothing is dark brown or black leather pants and a roughspun shirt under leather armor.  He typically wears a forest green cloak as well, and high soft leather boots.

Powers/Abilities:Tracking, two weapon fighting, Archery, Stealth, move silently, survive, hunt, forage, climb, evade, build trap, high endurance
Personality: A quiet, focused young hunter who may have gotten too close to the fight and witnessed things he did not expect.  He doesn't speak much preferring to listen most of the time.

Backstory: Never having known his mother (who died shortly after his birth), Choryn, was raised by his father who was a hunter and trapper for the town they lived in.  As a child he grew up both in a small town in Zedia,and the forest around it where nobles hunted.  He is comfortable in both urban and austere environments as such.  Having a quiet personality lead many to think of him as dumb or stupid, but Choryn is rather intelligent and often uses the misconceptions to his advantage.  With the upturn of the ongoing war and the balance shifting he decides to see the fight for himself.  After participating several gruesome and vicious battles as part of a mercenary crew he sets off on his own to find his own way.  His wanders have taken him into outer reaches of Zedia, where he finds work scouting independently for various commanders.  After a time though he returns the capitol area to rest and recover, and perhaps actually join the army.  He has papers of introduction from the field commanders if he desires to find work in the capitol.

Strengths: Good listener, strong moral sense, hard dedicated worker, good at keeping secrets.

Weaknesses: doesn't communicate well (doesn't speak much, and speaks quietly), impulsive (will go do what he wants without consulting others), uncomfortable around adult women