Caspia Medens
Name: Caspia Medens
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Tilean
Age: 24

Physical Description: Caspia is a young woman of soft features - pretty, but not striking. She appears humble, possessing an understated and unassuming sort of elegance. The sort of woman whom one notices even when she sits at the back of a room, quite minding her own business. Her hair, a dull auburn bordering on brown, is brought tied into a braid just beneath the bottom of her ears and reaches down to the small of her back - finishing in a taut leather cord, wrapped about its width.

Caspia's eyes are blue - the color of cloudless skies, darkened with encroaching twilight. Though not pallid by any means, neither is Caspia well-tanned. Just as she appears neither willowy nor voluptuous, falling somewhere comfortably in the middle.

The garb she wears suggests Caspia comes from a well-off but not extravagantly wealthy family. She prefers well-made wool dresses and blouses, cut and fitted to her, foregoing silk and other fineries. Sturdy, dependable, and modest.


Goddess' Mercy; Through a mixture of adept magic and traditional medicine Caspia can heal the wounded, mending torn flesh and knitting shattered bone. She can lessen suffering, drawing agonizing pain from a patient. There are no better healers to be found on the Border. Perhaps not even throughout the rest of the whole world.

Hope Cannot Die; Caspia's mood, even her mere presence, seems to bring soothing calm to the distressed. It uplifts the mood, carrying the troubled to serenity. Somehow Caspia does this, often without so much as a word.

Whisper On The Breeze; There is something else about Caspia though, something beyond her healing abilities. An oddness, a sense of being out-of-place, noticed only by those attuned to the ley magicks of the world. There is something deeper beyond the mask of Caspia Medens, Camp Surgeon...

Backstory: Caspia was born in Tilea, she claims, a coastal Princedom far from the Border and its conflict. Her father was purportedly a successful spice merchant. Her mother, an artist and homemaker. From a young age it was obvious she was gifted, talented in the weaving of healing magicks. Both parents supported her decision to attend a Medical College to learn the Surgeon's arts. She remains in contact with both.


A Hand Born For Healing; Caspia is perhaps one of the greatest living healers, and surgeons, in the known world. If a man is broken, Caspia can make him whole again. No matter how grievous the wound.

Steel Behind Silk; though compassionate, Caspia has a will and resolve more firm than many warriors could claim. She is not easily changed from her course, far easier to argue with the wind.


Unarmed And Unconcerned; Caspia refuses to carry a weapon. Moreover, she refuses to purposefully hurt anyone at all. Even if they intend to bring harm to her. Such practicalities as safety and caution seem to matter little to her though, and she often travels to the battlefront to triage the wounded... moving amongst country infested with deserters and brigands, unconcerned with what might come.

The Truth Will Out; Caspia cannot and will not lie. She possesses some great and unusual compunction against it, and will speak with honesty even when truth comes at a high price. Almost as if she were compelled to do so.