Evarri Verleden
Name: Evarri Verleden             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmN5pGFNEMk


Race: Human

Age: 21

Physical Description: (A visual representation of her attire is shown to the right, as frankly I'm awful at describing apparel.)

Evarri stands at a mundane 5'4, her physique lacking definition or muscle aside from that which has been gained from the necessity to trek long distances. Her face is heart-shaped, with a soft jawline and curve causing no drastic contrast to the auburn red hair which falls to her shoulders. It isn't styled, or changed merely attaining a more rugged, rougher look with a partial bang occasionally covering a portion of her forehead. Finally, the colour of her eyes hues are the shade of a dimmed starlight; a bright grey as it were.

She usually adopts a rough attire, nothing fancy just rough-spun working clothes which definitely werenít meant for the richer folk.


Physically she is weak; the only muscle her body pitifully attempted to grow was due to her lengthened periods of walking which is practically a necessity in this day and age. Evarri however has one distinct ability that even a seer may be envious of. Her sight does not stretch to her future, but it does stretch to her past.

Evarri can see into her own past and own memories. How she felt, what it felt like, how the weather was, what happened that day and whatever she spoke of in perfect detail. The restrictions however are that she can only see the past through her eyes, not anotherís. Even rarer for a seer of her standard is that she can pass these visions to another, show them what she saw. To this effect she can even trick people, making them see illusions of others or walls which shouldnít be there.


Evarri has a hard-head for most subjects, only questioning things which perplex her Ė usually in the sense of humanoid wills and actions. What drives her is usually her own want to experience new things, to see the world in a different perspective to her own. That is why she tries to refrain from having too strong an opinion on most subjects Ė of course thatís difficult, after all its human nature to have an opinion on something. She does prefer however to be non-judgemental.

She is naÔve, not for the fact that she is oblivious to as how the world can be dangerous. But for how a situation can suddenly spiral into disaster by simple consequence or a fail of communication.

Backstory (Premise):

The sun is said to represent light. Seen to be beautiful, a paragon of life and divinity, it shines a definite source of sight onto us each dawn. It is a wonder why people forget that it also stands for a creation of destruction; heat, fire and flame.

Those latter properties are ones which can dictate a life. To keep one warm in morn or dusk or to cover their flesh in weeping sores. One such woeful tale shows the true nature of fire and flame, one of a simple village precariously built upon a river embankment. Small and self-sufficient it kept its people safe for the most part being away enough from those who would seek to tear it asunder for its pitiful amounts of wealth.

Yet it was not outsiders which corrupted it, but a perfectly good deed gone awry.

[The backstory still needs some large chunks added too it, hardly done, apologies on that front.]

Strengths: The girl possesses signifcantly powerful seer abilities, able to observe and recall her past in perfect detail as well as form an illusion of it for another to see. Whilst her abilities aid her, her intelligence as of a decent standard not barred by trivial social norms as she consistently tries to place logic to each and every situation which comes about.

Weaknesses: As a consequence to being made to focus upon her abilities, her physical attributes are of a weakened individual. The fact that she does not understand why social norms come to exist, or why they are even needed in today's society can cause many a problem and exudes an air of naÔvety. Bad experiences have led to a constant fear of larger fires and how far they spread. It usually sending her into a state of panic, or unconquerable fear.