Lavender Isthmus
Name: Lavender Isthmus

Gender: Female

Race: Fair-folk

Age: 87

Physical Description:

Light Blue Hair
Fair skinned
10 inches tall

Lavender is graceful like a butterfly, elegant like a hummingbird, and beautiful like a dewdrop. Oh, and she's the height of a dagger's blade. Often seen hovering at human's eye level on gossamer wings, she dresses in elven-forged mesh combined with the lightest silk clothes.  She travels with Choryn "the Quiet" Ghaoughran.  He carries a leather shoulder satchel specially designed for her that allows her to quickly retrieve her equipment and supplies.  Typically she can be seen darting around, riding on Chroyn's shoulder and isn't above taking a nap in the hood of his cloak.

Flight - Akin to that of a hummingbird
Herbology - Adept at making healing slaves, medicines, the occaisonal poison
Healing - Able to treat most wounds effectively despite her small size
Healing Magic - able to bind wounds and remove other magical effects for a short time, typically used during combat and extreme circumstances

Lavender is a young fairy, still looking for lasting friendships. She holds her head high, and her wings higher, striving to bring some peace to a chaotic land.  She is very chatty, and sometimes fickle.  She takes offence at those who think poorly of the fair-folk and goes out of her way to disprove the stereotypes

Centuries ago, the war tore through a grassy field, leaving a cloud of golden dust as it left. As the victors marched on, fair-folk flew off to find a new home. Years later, two of the nomads gave birth to Lavender and her eighteen siblings. In the tradition of their ancestors, Lavender's parents left their children in grassy fields across the continent, leaving Lavender in the Kingdom of Zedia. When the ongoing conflict came to Lavender's home she was displaced and took refuge in an aid station often help the staff where.  Over time she befriended an aspiring young doctor, and son of a noble.  He schooled her in the physical healing arts, eventually leaving the profession to take the role of heir to his families estate, he continues for Lavender even in his now advanced years.  After the two initially parted ways Lavender found her way to a sunlight meadow of the Zedian forest.  There she meets another much older, and wiser fairy near the end of her life.  During her time in the meadow, the old wise fairy passes on her knowledge of healing herbs, and some knowledge of magical healing and protection.

Lavender is nimble and quick. She uses her flight to an advantage. She carries a dagger to get out of sticky situations, but she relies on her wits, and healing talents in battle. She is very bubbly and friendly (almost to a fault).

Her strengths are also her weaknesses; small and light, she won't be bashing in anybodies skull, strong gust of wind have tendency to push her around. Additionally, she's afraid of standing water and most beasts.