Shadow Flamel
>>>Name: Shadow Flamel ( her nickname is Sage; she'll either use this name when she wants to go into hiding or if she doesn't want you to know her real name)

>>>Gender: female

>>>Race: human

>>>Age: 19

>>>Physical Description: Shadow has smoke grey eyes. They're always searching, taking in her surroundings or glaring at people. She has a slim but not skinny build with well trained muscles that she easily hides. She's only about an inch and half under the average height though she's not short. Her hair is perfectly straight, reaching to her shoulder blades. She has red streaks decorating her solid black hair, giving herself a memorable look. She isn't pale and actually has a pretty good tan from being outside every day. She has a total of three tattoos. The largest one in the one on her back and arms showing angel wings. She wanted them because she is and always will be free. Her limits have not been reached and never will be reached. Another tattoo hides under her shirt on her side, showing black roses. They symbolize that anything beautiful has a dark side and even beautify isn't obtained without some pain. The last tattoo is a wrist one of the yin-yang symbol. Just as the symbol shows there's bad in the good and good in the bad.

>>>Outfit: Shadow wears a simple tree green shirt and brown colors pants with worn and fitted leather riding BOOTS. Its the cloak that's her main prize though. The green, gray, and brown smudged looking cloak doesn't look like much and when she has the hood up and the cloak is wrapped around her she can easily disappear into the background of the forest. She has the same cloak but in different colors since she nevers knows if a job she takes up requires her to travel to the snowy mountains, or a sandy desert. Her BOOTS allow her to travel silently as she moves unseen through any terrain by gliding from one dark patch to the next. She always keeps her weapons on her body, prepared for an attack at all times.

>>>Weapons: a black bow and matching set of arrows. She does keep a total of five knives on her body just in case. She has one knife in both her boots and then another strapped to her right leg. The two are throwing knives in which she has one one each arm. She relies mainly on her bow but if it comes to close quarters then she uses a combo of a throwing knife and a saxe knife. She keeps these two close at hand, on her waist where her hands can drop right down to it.

The throwing knife is the smaller one of the two and has a thick, heavy grip made of a series of leather discs set one above the other along with a brass crosspiece between the hilt and the blade and includes a matching brass pommel. The blade of the throwing knife of course is narrow at the hilt, then tapers out sharply, becoming thicker and wider for three quarters of its length to form a broad blade with the weight concentrated toward the tip, then a steep reverse taper creates the razor sharp point.

The saxe knife has the small handle construction as the throwing knife and has a short, sturdy crosspiece. The blade is heavy and straight, being razor sharp on one side and thick and heavy on the other. (The word saxe comes from it having been a tool and weapon, at first being called a sea ax but now the words have kinda slipped together)

>>>Powers/Abilities: Shadow has trained herself in the art of hand to hand combat, archery, and knife fighting and throwing. She has mastered the technique of unseen and silent movement.

>>>Personality: Shadow has her own personality all to herself. She's impossibly hardheaded and typically doesn't budge from her position on things unless you counter her with an something that makes way too much logical sense. She only trusts herself, always wary of others in any situation. She typically doesn't make friends since not many feel like hanging out with her. She hates asking for help, losing a fight, or being proved wrong. She gets angry at the smallest and unreasonable things sometimes but then again she always seems to be angry.

>>>Backstory: Shadow never knew her mother or father, as far as she's concerned they're dead. She grew up in a chain of orphanages, always running away from one and traveling to a close town to join another one. The kids at the orphanages forced her to learn how to fight and allowed her to practice her skills and become better, faster, and stronger over time. She continued to travel from one orphanage to another until she was old enough to find a bit of work to make a bit of money. She eventually managed to hone and increase her skills and will now work for just about any reason as long as it pays well. It could be stealing something, or finding where someone lives or goes to. She typically doesn't kill though, but if you give her a valid and understandable reason for why you want the target eliminated and give her a nice pay she just might do the job. The jobs she takes on allow her to travel, taking her from one place to another. She doesn't care much about the war, knowing that there is work available at where ever she was going.

>>>Strengths: ranged attacks, sneaking, stealing, tracking, and hand to hand combat

>>>Weaknesses: her pride, her lack of trust in others, and her confidence that she never needs help from anyone

>>>Shadow views about the world around her, etc.: Shadow hasn't had a place to call home during her years of growing up. She travels from one kingdom to another thanks to jobs she takes up but now she's thinking about staying in just one kingdom. The only problem is that she hasn't decided which one to pick and stay with. She doesn't know exactly why the war is happening but she wishes it would come to an end. Wars were typically used to try and gain land, resources, or some other reason to which killing and wounding hundreds and thousands of soldiers was unnecessary in her eyes. She isn't big on politics but knows that's how the counties are runned and governs and plans to look into that as she studies both sides from a mutual standpoint.




Combo of throwing knife and saxe knife (this is just the general shape):

Saxe knife: