Corthian Joust
Name: Corthian Joust, The Blizzard Walker

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical Description: Due to his extensive time on the Dead Mountains and his connections with nature, he stands now at 6’ 6” and weighs nearly 300 lbs, most of it muscle toned from relentless climbing. A brown haired man, now that hair has grown long on both head and chin, making him look quite savage in a way. But his green eyes show nothing but reverence and warmth in a bitter and cold wasteland. He wears a white cloak that if let completely lose, surrounds him. Underneath that he wears his leather armor, bracers, shoulder pads and leggings. These are all marked with scratches and wear due to animal attacks, climbing and the harsh weather itself. He also carries around with him a staff made from a blessed tree root that is half a foot taller than he is, which he uses to focus his powers. It looks simple, brown and knotted, but has a shimmer to it when it moves.

Powers/Abilities: Shaman: Powers over natural forces such as weather, the ground and even lava if pushed too far. Has a little bit of healing magic, but nowhere near the strength of his nature magic, especially his powers of snow and ice. Often he cause a blizzard wherever he goes, just so he hide within his cloak during the storm to either watch unseen or leave unseen.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, would rather watch from a distance for some time before making any action. A bit off put by others, he would much rather be alone than with people. Now a solitary man up in the Dead Mountains, he has drifted out of the affairs of man and would just rather be left alone. A devout lover of nature, he becomes very offended with the senseless destruction of it, such as a person needlessly stepping on a flower, or squishing an ant.

Backstory: Due to many years up in the Dead Mountains, Corthian has forgotten most of his past. He remembers coming up onto the mountains to get away from humanity and its cruelty. Guided by the voice of someone familiar going through his head, he has trained endlessly in the Dead Mountains to become stronger. Stronger for what he doesn’t know, but he does have a feeling that something very awful will happen, he can feel in the tremors of the Earth.

Strengths: Conversing with Nature, Traversing difficult terrain, Nature magic specifically in ice and snow, climbing.

Weaknesses: People, Sometimes waiting too long to act, speaking at length about nothing (small talk), senseless destruction of nature