Name: Ure-Gushan Age:32 Height: 6'10 Weight: 315 lbs Gender: Male Race: orc

Physical description. Ure is an absolutely massive being. A battle hardened physique that shows years of combat and triumph. His skin is a pale green, covered with deep scarring and multiple marks of rank and valor in the form of symbolic orcish tattoos and piercings including a bone through his septum, wooden rings through his ears and four inserted into his left eyebrow, denoting battle victories. His eyes are a golden hue with feint touches of green streaked throughout his iris. His bottom teeth show a rather severe under bite with his bottom canines growing over two inches long and filed to a sharp point. Three slash scars on his right cheek though not battle wounds, rather another denotation of his rank as tribe chieftain. He keeps the sides of his head shaven down, only allowing the middle to grow into a long "mane" that he keeps pulled tightly into a ponytail behind his head. A near foot long goatee hangs from his chin with multiple wooden beads and rings pulling it together. His time traveling had begun to take a toll on his massive form as malnourished has become evident.

History: Ure was raised and has trained his entire life simply to be a tool of war. He spent the entirety of his life within the valley of Triatin, a remote tribe village high in the mountains. He first took a life at the age of twelve when another warring tribe attempted to invade the village. His prowess in battle quickly moved him up the ranks within the tribe and became their youngest chieftain at the age of 24. Highly adaptable in battle and his survivability has been proven to be bested by very few. He has had scant dealings with humans throughout his life and as such knows very little of their language and customs. Throughout his life the only purpose he has had is to maintain the tribes existence. Ure has no sense of right and wrong, not seeing the difference between killing someone out of spite and killing someone to preserve one's own life. Three months ago a terrible storm crossed through the valley of Triatin causing massive floods that led to his home being washed off the mountain in which it was nestled. He returned from scouting a rival tribe to find bare remnants of the village. Now without purpose or a home to protect, Ure began aimlessly wandering through the mountains in search of anything strong enough to give him the pride of death.

Personality: Ure is a simple orc. His life has only known war and strife and due to this he is a stern, no nonsense man with little patience for those he feels are weaker than himself, which is most beings. His demeanor is typically intimidating and threatening. He does not know humor as there is no joke in taking the lives of others. He does however have a strong religious belief in the orcish gods. Carrying a satchel of iuasca, a powerful hallucinogen, that he uses to converse with his gods as well as confuse his enemies.

Weapon of choice: Throughout Ure's life there has only been and only will be, one weapon. Dascono, roughly translated in the orcish tongue as the taker of life. A seven foot, ironwood pole that is as hard as steel with a ten inch, stone axe head forged into it. As Ure's combat prowess evolved so did Dascono. After seeing the way thickets of briar bushes could tear away an enemy's will, Ure incorporated it into the war axe, keeping it wrapped in thorned vines. When battles took place the orcish shamins used the iuasca to confuse and disorient enemies so Ure began soaking the thorns of his axe in a concentrate of the hallucinogen.