Borun Redbeard
Borun Redbeard was meditating in his chamber at the Diamond Heart Academy. The institution had been his home for 8 years, since his aptitude for magic had revealed itself. Although small, the Academy had a reputation among the Iron Hills for developing the talents of dwarven spellcasters to the highest level. And the value of the Academy had proven its worth time and again, through its defence against orcish attacks. Indeed Borun himself had killed many orcs and other foes, with both spell and fist.

Today however, Borun's meditation was interrupted by a knock on the door. Borun bid the visitor enter.

Master Thordin, the Academy's leader entered. "Good morning, Brother Borun," he declared. "I apologise for interrupting your meditation, but I have received a troubling message."

The two dwarves sat and Master Thordin explained. "You know of Master Radagast, the Istar." Borun nodded and Master Thordin continued. "He has discovered a new evil that threatens the peoples of Middle-Earth. He gives no details due to the possibility of interception. Anyway, he asks for one of our order to assist him in removing the threat. One who is strong in body and in mind. You are best suited to this task. You are to travel to the Red Leaf Inn in western Mirkwood and meet him there."

"This is grave news indeed," Borun replied. "Of course I shall do whatever I can."

Thordin nodded. "Remember that you are a representative of the Academy. Conduct yourself with honour. And good luck."

The two dwarves clasped hands, then Borun collected his haversack and set off.

On his way out from the Iron Hills, Borun stopped at the brewery where his mother and sister worked, to say goodbye to them. Picking up a cask of dwarven spirits while he was there, Borun headed towards Mirkwood, wondering what manner of adventure awaited.


When travelling or when expecting a threat, Borun typically wears monk's robes, a headband, a pair of goggles atop his forehead or on his eyes, a short cloak, a belt, and walking boots. He has a backpack on his back and a sling is tucked into his belt.