Anira is a lovely woman with curly blonde hair and green eyes, standing around five and a half feet tall, who typically dresses in dark clothes and wears a dark magenta embroidered robe.  Even with the hood down, the thick curls hide the slight points of her ears revealing her to be half-elven.

Though at times she can seem mysterious, there is a comforting presence about her.  She genuinely cares about people and animals, often called upon in her travels to aid in healing of those with either two or four legs.  Her focus has been broad, dealing with nature and magic, so is often sought as a midwife.

Though she wears no obvious armor, she does carry weapons such as an exquisitely crafted rapier, light mace, and showrtbow.  She isn't a pacifist by any means and will certainly utilize mundane and magical means without hesitation to protect the innocent of the world.

Melda (elvish for Beloved) is a tiny flying squirrel who has taken up residence on the walking tree named Anira, typically hidden within the folds of the hood of her cloak or snuggled deep down in a pocket.  Her favorite treats are pumpkin seeds and peaches.