Saxon the Dead Smith
This young man clearly has the features of an elf but does not act in any way as an elf is normally thought to. He is fairly happy go lucky and is rather likely to plop down next to a friend to share drinks at the bar.

Strangely enough if he doesn't have his wagon his pack is filled with more bottles and reagents than one could find at an apothecary. Not to mention that he normally has a remedy for the stranger of issues. Barring that he does have a named weapon at his side, "Nix" is a thin curved black blade and was known to be able to slice through a whole tree in one swing.

That being said, he is clearly marked by something far darker. His eyes burn, literally burn from within. Found by the powers that fight for good he has been turned to protecting first the people of Bree, and now onto greater deeds of good.
Saxon's personal body guard