Nikolai Grey
Name: Nikolai Grey

Age: 27

Race Choice: Human

-Herbalism - Nikolai has trained for many years in the ways of medicinal herbalism, learning to create various tinctures, poultices, and salves that can be used to treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses. While there is no magic behind these concoctions, and thus recovery time is still necessary, some of his creations can do wonders for staving off pain or other symptoms of a person's condition.

-Spear Fighting - In sharp contrast with many members of the clergy in Freeport, Nikolai has trained for several years in how to fight with spears and other polearms. When his older brother joined the guard, he would often coax Niko into sparring with him to improve his own skills, and spears were the safest option, allowing Niko to stave off his brothers attacks and maintain distance. Over time and repeated use, he learned to wield the weapon with a certain degree of mastery himself. He eventually became skilled enough to almost match his brother's combat prowess, occasionally even coming out the winner in their sparring matches.

-Sigils and Wards - Having grown up in the clergy, Nikolai has been taught a great deal about religion and history, the battle between light and dark, the gods and their creations. Being raised to study so rigorously has instilled a thirst for knowledge in the man, and he has been known to delve into some of the old tomes in the temple's library. In his studies, Nikolai stumbled across passages regarding certain symbols that were used in old times to achieve certain effects, such as warding off evil forces, exorcising one who had become influenced by the darkness, or speeding the recovery of those within the space. While a part of Nikolai believes it could be merely superstition from ancient times, his fascination with the concept has led him to read the passages enough times that he can remember these symbols in vivid detail should he ever feel the need to draw them...

Weakness/Struggle: Despite being raised in the ways of the clergy his whole life, the recent surge of darkness and destruction has caused Nikolai to question his faith and his path in life internally. He still remains steadfast and supportive to those who come to him for guidance and wisdom, but in his mind he wonders if perhaps they are all fools, little more than children kidding themselves with bedtime stories about an ancient power with the power to protect them.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nikolai's fascination with the system of sigils he discovered in his studies presents another struggle in his mind. While many of the symbols were believed to serve noble purposes, there were also those that had darker uses. Symbols to summon, bind, or even attempt to control dark forces could be found in the passages, and Niko remembers them as well as the rest. Perhaps it is fear of the encroaching darkness, perhaps a curiosity about this dangerous power, but a part of Nikolai wonders if such things would really work.

Role/Class: Cleric

Physical Description: Nikolai stands about 5'7" tall, with a lean and slightly athletic build. His complexion is fair and smooth, free of freckles and other markings except for the scar across his face at the bridge of his nose, a souvenir from one of the sparring matches he didn't win against his brother. He has dark wavy hair and typically sports a dark beard to match, which he maintains meticulously.

Nikolai is rarely seen in traditional priest vestments, save for during rituals, a trait that concerns and even offends some of the clergy that have seniority over him. They do not question it, however, as their numbers are so few and they need not drive away a young priest who has the potential to carry the tradition to future generations. He typically wears clothing that is comfortable and allows him to move freely, often adding bits and pieces of armor, mostly to protect his limbs. This allows him to rush to the aid of the guards as a battle medic or accompany a group of scouts in the same capacity, in addition to his duties as a priest.

Background: Nikolai Grey was born the younger son of Samuel and Cassandra Grey. His older brother, Lucas expressed an interest early on in joining the Freeport guard when he grew up, and so in contrast, Niko's parents chose to raise him in the church. The boy had a knack for learning things quickly and always looked for new things to study. His free time was spent mulling through old books or sparring with his brother. He became well-versed in many areas, including basic medicine, spear fighting, and religion and history.

As an adult, Nikolai has the majority of his life in the service of the church. While he has never complained about such, and in fact takes pride in what he does, certain questions and doubts have begun to creep into his mind. If this ancient Goddess was able to protect them from a dark god centuries ago, why does she not do so again now? Why has magic become so rare and so feared a practice? Was there ever really a time where magic was prominent and men could fight off the darkness or are the concepts he has read about simply the rantings of a scared and primitive people?

Wanting answers to these questions and continuing forward in his faith as best he can, Nikolai has volunteered to be one of the adventurers who will travel to the source of the darkness and corruption in the hopes of finding a way to stop it. He is fearful of what the outcome will ultimately be, especially if he truly has been wrong all these years about what he believes in. Still, this journey seems his best bet for answers and if someone does not step forward to save them, all of Freeport will be destroyed anyways.

Gear/equipment: Long spear, Light iron armor (greaves, gauntlets and a small pauldron on his right shoulder that wraps around the upper part of his chest), Herb satchel attached to his belt containing more commonly used herbs.