Lucinda Eravyn
Name: Lucinda Eravyn

Age: 32

Race Choice: Elf

Lucinda is, by the standards of many alchemists, extremely skilled at the research, production, and use of potions, tinctures, chemicals, smokesticks, and even a few bombs. With her labkit, something she always keeps on her, she can create a few potions depending on what materials she has available, even far from civilization. When in a laboratory, she is quite skilled at the crafting of recipes, processes, and devices for the production of potions and alchemical items. However, bizarrely enough, many of her recipes are rather crude, missing the incremental improvements from generations of alchemists.

Training in her family's greenhouse as well as her alchemy books and the samples given to her for study has made her adept at the discovery, recognition, and harvesting of plants and minerals for alchemical components.

As a result of her skills at research, Lucinda is literate in multiple languages, and is very skilled at the perception of clues, pattern recognition, and problem solving. In another time and place, she would be considered an excellent detective. These skills allow her to solve puzzles and games with ease...not that she has been able to show off these skills to others very often.

Lucinda is not very strong physically and has somewhat low endurance. She spent most of her time in a dusty lab working with various chemicals, and thus doesn't have much expertise in running, jumping, or other physical matters. Her exposure to chemical fumes has also given her a bit of a chronic cough that can also cause her trouble.

Additionally, a mixture of her genius parents and general meekness make Lucinda have surprisingly low self-esteem despite her intelligence. This has caused numerous problems for the girl, and she has difficulty believing in herself and her ideas, causing her to miss many opportunities or ignore her own ideas. For example, she might disregard a new potion process or deduction out of he fear that she was just being stupid. She also has difficulty interacting with people due to her overly sheltered upbringing.

Role/Class: Item Specialist

Physical Description:

Lucinda is an elf of average height. She has long black hair that drapes around her ears and neck. Her eyes are a dark blue. She has somewhat pale skin as a result from spending many hours in her parent's basement working with the chemicals. Her muscles are not very large, they never were for an elven woman, but she never looked particularly fit regardless. She is overall rather pretty, but that's not too surprising for an elf.

Before being sent out into the world, it seemed her parents ensured she would be fashionably dressed. Lucinda wears a green blouse with golden thread woven into it, as well as a short black and gold skirt with stockings. Around her waist is a belt with plenty of slots for potions and other alchemical items, while a finely made black and gold hooded cape adorns her back and neck. The clothes are in very fine shape, looking downright new.

If one wished to understand Lucinda and her life's story, first he or she must understand her parents. Oscarion and Elara Eravyn are legends within the practice of Alchemy. They are true geniuses, discovering entirely new processes, potions, and underlying theories every day. If an alchemist knows anything about the research world at large, they will surely have hard of them, it was more than likely that they have read some of their research. Their names appear on thousands of research papers, and they have been continuing their research in an atelier at the capitol for hundreds of years. The Atelier Eravyn is a rather famous destination in the capitol, renowned for the exceedingly high quality of the products they sold even as it was rumored they only sold the wasted scraps from their high-level research. It was not a very quiet place, with machines whirring, chemicals boiling, and the occasional sound of violent chemical reactions bathing the place in a sea of light. It had a rather unique bouquet of smells, with bubbling potions, the rather bizarre smells of exotic components, and most curiously various perfumes all adding to the eclectic mix. The two alchemists themselves were a rather eccentric pair, said to spend almost all of their time buried in their research while a few often terrified clerks minded the store. letters that described their research kept coming out, and it seemed that was literally all they cared about from the few alchemists they bothered to meet. It was thus almost completely unknown to the world at large, then, that they had only 32 short years ago had a daughter named Lucinda.

Lucinda did not have what one would call an ordinary childhood. Ever since she was young enough to talk and think much of her time was spent in the basement of the atelier, reading through the old, dusty books on orders of her parents. The books helped to teach her many things, from reading and writing the various languages of the world to basic alchemical theory. Her parents would occasionally come down and test her on the various subjects, the examinations were brutally difficult, but Lucinda lived for the slight smiles that would appear on their faces should she get a perfect grade on them. However, most of her time was not spent at a desk reading and writing, it was spent boiling, mixing, and researching alchemical mixtures. Her parents had rather unique and bizarre ideas for her alchemical training, insisting that she learn everything herself and without much instruction from them. They would come downstairs every day or so to check on her work, making a few comments on the quality of it, but mostly she was left alone to tinker. That dark, musty basement was almost her entire life, she spent nearly all of her time there. The few exceptions where she stepped outside were when she would walk approximately 200 paces down Grant street before turning left into the alchemical components store. Then she would exit and swiftly return to the atelier. Her life fell into a familiar routine. She would spend the morning reading her books by the light from the tiny window at the top of the basement. She would spend her afternoons tinkering with her alchemcical equipment, mixing and testing the solutions and items. She had accidentally poisoned herself numerous times, luckily her parents always made sure to keep potions to purge it from her system nearby.

As the years went by, she started to have the creeping suspicion that she was not as smart as her parents. After all, even when she worked very hard on a new potion, they merely gave her a vague smile and called it decent. When she did get to see her parents working, it was always very clear that they were far superior in knowledge and skill making potions in less than half the time she took. By the standards of most alchemists, she would be a wunderkid, a prodigy, but next to the greatest alchemical minds on the continent, Lucinda never felt that way. She continued her largely comfortable life, working for many hours until she was too tired to pour properly or passed out from chemical fumes, every day nearly the same as the next. She settled into a routine, never expecting it to really change.

But change would come, change would come quite soon. With the coming crisis, it was quite clear that someone would have to go and investigate. This was a very serious issue, one that would require the bravest of heroes and the greatest of minds. Someone came one day to the atelier, to request the aid of two of the greatest alchemic minds on the continent. The duo were quite busy with their research, hoping to find their own way to reverse the coming darkness through alchemy. But they relented that an expedition would be very useful. The couple was, believe it or not, very proud of their daughter, although they had problems expressing it. They were sure that if anyone could succeed in this mission, it would be her. They went downstairs, and told the girl that she had to go to the temple, and that she would be going on a grand adventure. They fully expected her to succeed. Lucinda was scared, quite scared. She had barely been outside of the basement, she couldn't risk going out on a dangerous quest! But, it was what her parents wanted her to do, and, to her, law. She nodded and gathered some of her belongings, including more than a few compressed potions and a field chemistry set, and then stepped outside. She walked down grand street again, but this time, she moved paused as she moved 250 paces. And then she kept going, off towards the cathedral and onto a new adventure.

Comfortable, fine traveling clothes (2 sets)
Alchemy Set
Healing and Support Potions (Condensed into small vials, they have to be decompressed prepared before use)
Various components, reagents, flasks, etc.
Recipe Book(s)
Ink and Quill
A few tools such as a knife and chisel
Water Flask, Flint and Steel
Dehydrogenated Trail Rations