Name: Jada
Age: 19
Race: Beast-kin (part human, part.. something else)
Enhanced Physique - Jada's Beast-kin heritage provides him with increased strength and flexibility. His physical power is comparable to some of the strongest humans, without losing flexibility to bulky muscles typically required for such raw power. Combined with his martial arts training, his blend of strength and flexibility allows Jada incredible reach and power in physical combat as well as advantages in things like climbing and swimming.

Enhanced Senses - Able to hear, smell, and see many times better than a human, Jada perceives the world differently. His beast-like eyes allow him to see clearly in the faintest light. The applications of this ability are numerous, but a few keys one would be: tracking people by scent, hearing people approaching from behind, effortless night-fighting, smelling poison in food/drink, smelling blood on people, noticing things at a great distance.

Thick Hide - Although a far cry from armor. Jada's naturally tough skin protects him against mundane scrapes from rough stones and thorns. In combat it provides minimal defense from slashing attacks.

Martial Arts Training - Jada has trained from a young age in the forms and techniques of his monastery. He is considered a master of unarmed combat and fighting using tonfa, and has also trained with staves and other monk weapons. Beyond straightforward combat, he has the ability to disarm his opponent, deliver debilitating strikes, and moderate his strikes to be as lethal as he wishes. He typically uses unarmed techniques unless his opponents have swords, arrows, or other weapons that are difficult to defend against bare-handed. Through intense practice, Jada has learned to strike incoming arrows from the air.

Meditative Arts Training - By focusing his mental and bodily energies, Jada is capable of various techniques. He can keep himself warm in freezing conditions and help injuries heal faster (about half the typical recovery time, but is hibernating). By keeping his hands on another's back, he can attempt to provide others similar benefits. However the effects are always diminished and depending on the state of their inner turmoil, can be completely ineffective.

Basic Survival Skills - As part of his training Jada traveled to remote areas on the island, this required him to learn the basic skills needed to live off the land.

Social Outcast - Jada does not fit in. Anywhere. He has never met another Beast-kin (although admittedly he has only started traveling recently) and always being different has weighed on him. Even isolated at the monastery, he was not completely free from people's judgement and stares. In the rest of Linness, he is regraded as a monster, freak, or at least a curiosity. This is a constant strain on Jada as he tries to live in accordance with beliefs. He also has to resist the urge to retreat from society, which he believes is typical for Beast-kin.

Tail - He really doesn't like it if you grab his tail; like really really does not like it. It is very sensitive to the point where he considers it his greatest weakness, despite it only being relevant in grappling. Fortunately it is flexible enough that he can keep it wrapped around his waist like a strange belt, however it does move involuntarily if he is not thinking about it.

Role/Class: Monk
Physical Description: First and foremost Jada is a Beast-kin. This is obvious from his large fluffy ears, tail, claw-like nails, paw-like feet, reflective eyes, and sharp teeth. He stands at about 6'2", and is very muscular with a bronze complexion. He has neck-length shaggy brown hair that completely fail to conceal his large fuzzy ears. His eyes are a deep lavender in an all too human shape while his mouth is just a hint too wide. Rows of razor sharp teeth hide behind his indifferent frown. As impossible as it might seem for a beast-kin, Jada lacks natural facial hair. This is in complete contrast to the rest of his body, neck down which is covered in soft brown fur. His hands have the typical five digits that end with claw-like nails; which he tries to keep filed dull. Behind him swings a long, furry tail and finally his feet end with paws.

For attire, Jada usually wears the traditional gi of his monastery, a course, tan-colored jacket and trouser set with a black belt. The forearms and legs are wrapped to prevent loose cloth from hindering him in combat. He wears simple wooden sandals and carries his belongings in a large sack with a drawstring. The sack has a sleeve on one side where Jada stores his tonfa.

Background: Jada's story begins at the doorsteps of the ancient monastery of Hanover. Abandoned as an infant, he was a mystery to the monks that found him crying. What was the child? Who had placed the him there? Why? How had they found the monastery hidden deep within the forest? Would they return? These questions remained unanswered as they considered what to do with the child. Ultimately it was decided that it would violate their teachings to forsake the infant, and so they took him in and called him Jada.

As he grew, Jada trained and studied with the monks. At first he felt out of place among the monks, but eventually the monks grew to accept his abnormal nature and respect him for his who he was. Over the years he found peace with his situation and slowly began to learn to appreciate the world around him. During this time, he excelled at his martial training, becoming a formidable warrior.

Shortly after his 19th birthday (the day he was found), he along with the other monks, sensed something terrible as they mediated. After consulting with the elder monks, they concluded that something was wrong in world and it was the order's duty to investigate and take action. They discussed who to send out into the world and decided that Jada and five of his peers where ready to undertake the quest.

Each set out on a different path, eager to find a solution to the dire situation. During his travels through Vayas, Jada was beset by thugs thinking he was unarmed. He made quick work of them and dragged several of them the city watch. It turned out some of them had bounties on them and Jada found himself walking away with 60 silver pieces. That day almost made him like the city despite the stares and curses. Since then he has used the money for food and lodging as he makes his way to Freeport.

-Formal robes
-2 solid oak tonfa
-Travel rations
-Climbing claws
-Basic knife
-Flint and steel
-Coin purse with stated 50 silver