Lynessa Crescent
Name: Lynessa Crescent

Age: 26

Race Choice: Human

Powers / Abilities:
Great-sword Lynessa has been officially training with her father's great-sword for ten years. In that time, she has grown quite proficient with the weapon. Years of training with the heavier weapon toned and developed the muscles of her upper body and packed deceptive power in her smaller frame. This often gives her an advantage early in fights due to her ability to wield the weapon with unexpected speed.

Mending Lynessa's mother is a tailor in Freeport. Before her father died, she was set to inherit her mother's business and spent much of her younger life learning to work with fabrics. After her father died, Lynessa became almost obsessed with learning to use her father's weapon. When her mother was remarried to a blacksmith, her new husband took Lynessa on as an apprentice thinking that working with steel might be more interesting to her.

While she eventually moved on from that to join the Freeport City Guard, the skills she learned from both her mother and her step-father continue to serve her to this day. She cannot make her own clothing, or her own arms and armor, but she mends all of her own belongings.

Cooking In addition to tailoring, Lynessa's mother taught her to cook. Lynessa eventually lost interest in tailoring, but still enjoys cooking to this day. She keeps a cookbook of all the recipes her mother taught her, but rarely experiments with her own.

Weaknesses / Struggle:
Crescent men are known for their girth and great strength. Lynessa is not a Crescent man. In truth, she does not have the build to wield her weapon of choice. As a result, she tires quickly. While she excels in the early parts of a fight, her advantage is quickly lost to fatigue.

She has taken steps to combat this, first by wearing lighter armor despite the risk of being on the front lines in a melee. More concerning is her heavy use of strength and stamina potions. The concoctions help compensate for her smaller frame. Those close to her worry that she is becoming accustomed to the effects of the potion, forcing her to drink more and more to gain their benefits.

Role / Class: Fighter

Physical Description:
At five and a half feet, Lynessa is slightly taller than average. Her body dips and swells as expected of a woman, but no one would describe her as voluptuous. Her muscles are well toned and defined, as expected from someone who spent so much of her life working with arms and armor. Long, blond hair frames a pretty face. She has a fair complexion, and piercing blue eyes.

When on duty, she wears a thin plate of mail over her chest that extends down to cover her outer thighs. Under this, she wears a heavy, leather vest. A skirt of the same material drops to about her shins, and she wears a pair of tightly fitting cloth trousers underneath this. A blue cloak denotes her rank of Lieutenant.

Off duty she prefers looser fitting garments, often favoring fabrics that breathe so that she can enjoy a breeze after a long day baking in her armor.

Lynessa is the only daughter of Mari and Grant Crescent. Her mother owned and operated a tailoring business that enjoyed moderate success. Her father, like countless generations of Crescent men before him, served the Freeport City Guard. Centuries of service to the city had gained her family name little weight outside of the City Guard, and she grew up just above Freeport's poverty line.

Hers was as happy a childhood one as one could hope for. Her parents could only just afford to educate her and their foot budget seemed strained each and every year, but they were caring and attentive, if a little stern in her father's case. At six, she began playing at swords with her father and the boys her age as well as learning the basics of her mother's craft. For six years, things proceeded as normal. When she turned twelve, her life changed when her father's body was brought home on a cart.

That year had been particularly tough on the City as a whole. Prices of grain and fruit had climbed, and families who had been struggling before fell into poverty. With very little legitimate work available, and that low-paying, men turned to crime to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Bandits and highwaymen plagued every mile of the road between Freeport and Trio. Skirmishes between the thieves and the City Guard became a weekly occurrence.

It was in such a skirmish that her father lost his life. When the report of the battle came in, the entire garrison was struck dumb to discover that he had been fighting for the wrong side. He died, unable to offer his family an explanation for his actions though Lynessa's mother insists to her to this day that he was only doing what he thought he needed to do to provide for them. He was given a traitor's funeral and denied burial in the City Guard's cemeteries. An unmarked stone is all there is to indicate his burial site.

It was a dark time for Lynessa and her mother, and had it not been for the kindness of Roland Awlgood, her father's commanding officer and closest friend, they might not have made it through. Roland ensured that they had just enough food to eat, and for a time filled the void that her father's death had left in Lynessa's life. It was during this time that he lamented, quite offhandedly, on the tragic nature of history. The Crescents had bled and died for Freeport for countless years, but in the end they would be remembered most for their betrayal at the end. It had struck a chord with the young Lynessa, and she vowed to make sure that her family's final act for the city of Freeport would be a heroic one.

By the time her mother remarried two years later Lynessa had all but abandoned tailoring, save for the skills required to mend her own garments. She spent most of her days practicing with the sword, though she had no one to formally teach her. Thinking that an apprenticeship at his smithy might be to her liking, her step-father took her under his wing and taught her to sharpen steel, repair damaged blades, and pound the dents out of armor. She enjoyed the work, and had a talent for it, but she never stopped practicing.

When she turned sixteen, she started sending letters to Sir Roland requesting that he formally train her that she might one day join the City Guard. He couldn't do it personally, Captains had little time for such things, but he gave her an invitation to work with the masters-at-arms whenever she liked. And so, Lynessa took the first steps toward restoring her family's name.

A few short years later, she officially signed on with the City Guard, and proved herself a valuable asset. She was promoted to Lieutenant after leading a raid against a safe-house for thieves that was rumored to have belonged to the thieves' guild of Westvale.

When the call for heroes went out, Lynessa saw her best opportunity to do something truly great and memorable. She was quick to take temporary leave of her position to embark upon a quest upon which the fate of Linness itself might hang...

Gear / Equipment:
Her father's great-sword, which she has taken to calling Heirloom. Her Guard uniform consisting of a steel breastplate, leather doublet, leather skirt, cloth trousers, and cloak. A set of commoner's clothing. A whetstone. A small recipe book. Trail rations. 2X potions of strength. A needle and spool of thread, and a simple smithy's hammer.