Devi McCain
Name: Devi McCain

Age: 28

Race Choice: Human


- Manifest Light - Devi, through attempting to keep her magic from harming others (as it bursts from within her), has learned to focus her power into a small point; this power manifests as a ball in her hand, encompassing the end of her staff and other objects, though it can also be channeled through other means if so desired. Mostly, this light appears as a soft blue, though if Devi concentrates well enough she  can manipulate the magic into varying colors and intensities.

A trick Devi has learned is to force the light into a focused beam, which she can then use to blind an opponent. To others it appears as a bright beam, but to the target it is stupefying.

- Manifest Sounds - Devi also channels her magic in the form of random sounds. she  can raise, recede, invade, or maintain a static positioning with her noises. While Devi can affect the location and duration, deciding on any specific sound takes a considerable amount of effort.

- Staff Fighting - Devi was taught at a young age to be wary and prepared in dealing with unsavory types living in Westvale and the Greenwood Forest. Part of her training was to use a deceptively simple weapon—which most dismiss outright—the staff. Her uncle, who was also her mentor, had taught Devi the principles of self-defense in use against ne'er-do-wells. While she has only had to use her abilities a handful of times during her travels across the Greenwood Forest, she hones her skills daily.


Devi is physically weak due to the strenuous nature of the magic coursing through her veins. Though Devi can walk without hindrance, she  finds trouble in exerting herself beyond that point (e.g. running, climbing, swimming, etc). Ironically, she  had spent much of her youth doing such things in the forest; years later, this still troubles Devi.

Devi craves knowledge; she also craves control over her powers, as magic is volatile by nature and she fears harming others around her. In her search for knowledge, Devi has grown to find most superstitions and rules men live by laughable. She looks down upon those who follow the herd blindly and has no respect for those who she considers simpletons.

When using her magic, regardless of the effect, her eyes shine with a luminous white light. In this regard, Devi cannot sheathe her magical abilities nor her true nature.

Role/Class: Magic User

Physical Description: At six and a half feet, Devi towers over the average person. she  has long, unkempt red hair which hangs down to her shoulders and covers her face (if not pulled up into a ponytail or hidden beneath the hood of her cloak). She has a pale complexion despite her long hours under the sun, and her eyes are a piercing green. If one were to look at the right side of her head, underneath her hair, they would notice that she is missing the top quarter portion of her ear; in its stead, there is a scar running alongside her head which tapers off near the back of her skull.

Background: All Devi knows about her parents comes from her Uncle Lear and a few haphazard memories that she  has of Ian (his father) from before he left on the journey he  never returned from. What she  remembers of her father is that Ian was a large strong man, standing nearly as tall as Devi does today, though he was of a much hardier build in comparison. Devi remembers the massive set of shoulders that she  would enjoy riding about on whenever she  got the chance. she  loved being so high up that she  could easily reach up to grab leaves from the lower branches of the trees. Ian had straight coarse red hair and a fluffy red beard that a smile showed through whenever Devi was about. She  has no memories of her mother and relies upon the stories from her Uncle about Margery (his mother). If the stories are true then her parents were an odd couple, her father a wandering entertainer and adventure seeker and her mother a daughter of a well-to-do captain that owned property in Theba.

Devi was raised by her Uncle Lear during the times when her father would disappear to go search out something new, these times could last for nearly a year but he would always return. It wasn't until she was around 8 that her father disappeared from her life all together; he had accepted a job from a decrepit old man that wished for him to act as a guide to Vayas and eventually Ceylon for a handsome sum of money.

The next few years were not as harsh as they could have been, not with the money Devi’s father had given to Uncle Lear when he departed. Without her father’s money and presence Devi was left completely to Uncle Lear who raised her best as he could and treated her as his own daughter. This meant long days of wandering the Greenwood, meeting the other guides that Uncle Lear worked with and learning the tasks that they performed. She learned of predators and other dangerous animals, caches, pathways, the best areas to set up camp and other various information an outsider would otherwise not know.

When the call went out for adventurers, she  saw it as a chance to meet others who might know something of magic. She  headed to Freeport city with all haste, hopeful that it would lead her to a better future.

Gear/equipment :
Oak Quarterstaff
Devi’s Tome
Sheets of Parchment x 4
Ink and Quill
Water Skin x 2
Flint and Steel
Trail Rations
A set of small snares and leather strips
Bedroll and Winter Blanket
Small Lantern
Small Whistle
Various Satchels and Bags
Thread and Needle
Iron Pot
A Travelers Duster
A Waterproof bag (for her tome and other paper/sensitive items)
60 silver pieces (split into three small pouches, one around her neck tucked into her shirt, and one in either pant leg with leather ties.)
A glowing crystal hung on a simple chain around her neck and tucked into her clothes.