Jerischo Elsinoir Addis
Name: Jerischo Elsinoir  Addis

Age:  24

Race Choice:  Human

Abilities/Power:  Jerischo is, simply put, fascinating.  This isn’t in a fully normal sense either;  he’s not just some interesting and eloquent conversationalist, or merely an excellent flutist.  His notes and words literally have power, albeit not very much.  The tones that he emits as he pipes away, and to a lesser extent when he plays some other instrument, are mesmerizing, energizing.  It isn’t the strongest, but he’s used his abilities to get himself out of a situation or defuse a fight more than once, and has started experimenting with what it can do.  So far he has determined approximately two songs that have such power, and their effects are small scale.

Current songs include:
Ballad of the Dreamer-  A mystifying and dazing flute piece that distracts and mystify the enemies, though at the cost of the bard being unable to do anything else while he maintains the song, and the slowly increasing chance of the monsters slipping out.

Guarding Shanty-  What it sounds like.  Like all bardic songs, the bard cannot do much while performing and maintaining it, but this provides a small defensive increase to his allies.  It doesn't, however, protect him as much as the others.  Oh well, just keep the enemies from tearing his throat out.

As a traveling minstrel and thief. . .No, not thief.  He’d never steal from anyone.  Certainly no cutting purses and the like.  Anyways, as a traveling minstrel, Jeri has a knack for saying what needs to be said at the right time to get himself lodging, or food, or into a location or other things.  Of course, this can and has backfired spectacularly;  he never speaks of the “Olfrey Incident.”  Ever.
A further aspect of his life as a con artist minstrel is his natural dexterity.  His hands and words just naturally seem to reach people.  Sometimes into their pockets, relieving a few extra gold pieces, or of an important document, as he glibly talks and sings.  Finally, he knows how to deal with ruffians, and can handle a blade decently enough, against thugs or a mindless beast.  Just don’t expect him to win any tourneys.

Weakness/Struggle:  Jerischo certainly DOES love to chat.  And, as mentioned above, his sweet words can get him into trouble as much as they get him out of it.  Sometimes having such a gift as his isn’t as great as he’d want you to believe.  In fact, that’s another big thing of his;  he’s a liar.  A convincing one, who knows how to lie through telling the truth, who can use his powers to get his way, but a liar.  And a bit of a coward, seeing as how he’s not exactly the most keen on risking his life for others.  That isn’t to say he’ll just run away-  quite the contrary, his pride will keep him there in the thick of it, if he feels it’s necessary.  He just prefers to let others do the dirty work if he can.
This little detail shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering that he isn’t the strongest.  In fact, he’s not the most durable or strong.  He’s fast at least, and relatively well-educated, but like hell that matters when the opponent is half-cheetah and coming for your head.
In short,  Jerischo suffers from not only a large ego, but also a lack of ability to trust in others, even his own teammates.  He’ll behave all nice and convincing to them, but he’s always watching them for any signs that they may be trying to do him in.  He sees the other party members as potential  allies first, and as friends and people second.  He loves to get his way, and prefers to let his pipes and words work for him before putting in the necessary leg work of actual work.
. .. And then there’s the little rumor that there MIGHT be loan sharks after him.  Oh, don’t worry.  It’s all a misunderstanding, and it’s just a rumor.  Now, what was the next objective on our hoy quest to save the world again?

Role/Class:  Jeri is a bard’s bard.  Support, buffing, bamboozlement, he loves it all.  Oh, and he’s never stolen anything.  No.

Physical Description:

Background:  Jerischo Elsinoir Addis never could seem to get a break.  He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he wasn’t born with enough magic to cast “truly” powerful spells, he wasn’t gifted with the greatest of physiques.  He couldn’t strong-arm his way to glory, either through magic (risky though that may be) or through physical intimidation, and he couldn’t buy his way to comfort and glory either.  In fact, he was kind of ignored as a child, being seen as someone who wouldn’t be able to do, well, much of anything.    And, as one of the many urchins that ran in the shadows and alleys of the port city Vayas, that was already saying something.  To be last in the pecking order of the dregs of a city. . . it wasn’t an ideal position for anyone to be in.
It especially was bad for Elsy, as the other street rats called him. Because unlike the rest of those brats and idiots, Elsinoir had set his sights on grander things than simply surviving day-to-day.  He wanted others to know his name, to give him the respect he felt he so clearly deserved, and he wanted to be able to have everything he’d been deprived of.  But how was he supposed to do that when the only thing he had over the other kids, aside from being faster?  Aside from being better at grabbing a purse?  It was after he was thrown out of the local musical houses for the seventh time that he finally found a door that could free him, let him follow his dreams.
At first he thought it was the flute he “liberated” from that musical building, but when he found that it was the same when he used a lute, or a drum, or even his own voice, it took him all of three seconds to realize that this was it, this was the break he’d been looking for.  He wasted no time in taking over the street gangs that had bullied him, before cutting himself loose of them altogether and trying to begin a (relatively) more respectable life.  Always a fan of music and tales of high adventure, and with that same burning ambition that had made life so obnoxious for him when he hadn’t yet realized the power his songs had, Jerischo half-left half-was-driven out of his home city, to the relief of many and the collective sadness of several young ladies he’d been pursuing.
The next months or years (Jerischo never has been good with time) were filled with varying misadventures and successes as Jerischo attempted to make a name for himself, partially as a bard and musician, and as a result of his rather ambitious and careless methodology, partially as a fool who was always in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It was one of these misadventures that brought him skittering and looking for something to get him out of a debt.  His usual routines didn’t seem promising, and gambling had never been reliable.  But this call for heroes. . .It struck something within the vagabond.  Maybe it was all those penny-dreadfuls he loved and still read.  Maybe it was the possibility of treasure.  Whatever it was, he signed on, and fast.

Gear/equipment:  A well-kept shortsword, utility dagger, Patterned leather and cloth armor (See illustration), rope, a heavy traveling rucksack containing several days of dehydrated rations, a waterskein, a compass and map,  his flute, a lute, sheets of music and new ideas for songs, a book of stories, and lockpicks and a small razor