Lalita Chandra
Name: Lalita Chandra
Age: 20
Race Choice: Beast Kin (Part human/ part fishy~)


Aquatic Respiration – Thanks to her fin-like protrusions and collapsing/expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system, Lalita is able to breathe in both water and air and is capable of staying underwater for as long as she likes and reemerge ready to breathe oxygen again.

Water Sense – Lalita can perceive the movement of/on a body of water with extreme accuracy and determine where threats are placed in water sources. She can even understand the size of targets in water by perceiving the waves interfering with certain movements of bodies of water.

Pressure Resistance – Lalita can resist underwater pressure that if gone too deep the weight of the water would crush her.

Spear fishing – A useful skill to have when hungry, Lalita is pro when it comes to spearing down fish. Her father suggested once to use this skill as a means of fighting, which she has begun to do.

Truespeak - Names are more important than you would expect. They give us an identity, empowering us and determining all that we are. Everyone and everything has a name, but what people don't know is their true-name. Their personal name.

Beneath the sounds of everyday life, unheard in the stillness of the deepest caverns, is an endless litany of words spoken by a hundred thousand voices.  They are the driving force of existence, speaking what was, what is now, and what is to come. The words are not from any mortal tongue, but a language of infinite complexity older than the stars and the sands of the sea. This language is the language of all, it is Truespeak.

The words of Truespeak hold great influence over the nature of reality. With a single word, one can cause the earth to shake or call fire from thin air. However, it is not without its drawbacks. Its words never meant to be said by mortal tongue. They are incredibly long, full of strange intonations, odd inflections, and requiring exacting cadence to be intelligible. One mistake and the whole sentence/ word is meaningless, or it will cause a harmful effect on the speaker.

This is Lalita's ability. Able to hear and speak the words of the cosmos, the whispers she hears help her to figure out an objects or person's personal name. However, she is new to all of this and the chanting she hears in her head are most of the time incoherent as well as difficult to understand/ pronounce. They also give her a major headache as they never seem to stop and are constantly following her. For now she can only manage two utterances which are listed below.

An utterance is a combination of words in true-speech that describe a creature, place, or object to be affected and the desired effect. By putting these Truenames together in exacting fashion, you create a rudimentary sentence in the language of the universe- utterance. Every utterance has a purpose as well as a reverse. So say if a name could heal wounds, it could also injure if said in a reverse order.

GLACIELUS -- "Whisper of Water," This word causes Lalita to take the precipitation in the air and form it into an orb, which she can then throw at her enemies.

SOMNUMEL -– “Dreamless Slumber" Can put a target to sleep, however, because this is a new spell Lalita risks of putting herself to sleep as well. If said in reverse, it can wake others from slumber.


FATIGUE – Magic takes its toll on the mind and body after a period of time, causing the user to become physically drained/ tired. This is a struggle Lalita must keep in mind when battling and if not thought out properly, risks becoming vulnerable to her opponents and a liability to the team.

STRENGTH – Lalita is lacking when it comes to upper body strength and is pretty much as strong as the average person. Which really in actuality, isn’t saying all that much. But who needs muscles when you’ve got the power of the world on your side?

Role/Class: Magic User

Physical Description:
Standing at a height of 5’4" and weighing about 110 pounds. Lalita has a rather slim figure with light blue skin, long white hair and beautiful blue aquatic like eyes. For her Beast-kin traits she has fin-like protrusions from her neck and a collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular system (which is merely a fancy term for the heart); which helps her to breathe underwater. Her attire is rather simple, a black tank top and multi-colored skirt, the skirt being short in the front and long in the back. Lalita also wears for accessory, a gold necklace along with two other necklaces; one having blue stones on it while the other has green and pink stones.

(Lalita's outfit and overall look)

 Lalita Volkove was the perfect daughter;  dutiful, loving, considerate of her father and eager to share her newest discoveries with him.  Of course, when ones father is also a mercenary with seemingly occult powers, it’s probably a good idea to stay on his good side.  And to never bring a boy home.  The point, however, remains;  you’d be hard pressed to find a child who loved her otets more, or followed his wishes better than she did.  Even once he left, she still tried her best.
It’s better to start from the beginning, in this case the port city of Vayas.  The outskirts of the city, especially along the coast weren’t always the cleanest, or the nicest, but they certainly were better than gutter-running inside the city proper, competing with varying gangs of urchins and what-have-you.  And it was in an outlying village within a day’s march of the city that Lalita had her earliest memories.

Compared to others, it wasn’t the worst place to be orphaned and left to one’s own devices;  Lalita picked up how to fish from watching the locals, could ask for food and receive enough to keep herself alive.  She never had a home, which saddened her greatly, but she could always talk with the whispers that occasionally popped up with her when nobody else was around.
She practiced her fishing with some of the villagers, who didn’t mind her presence too much. Until the whispers started seeping into her life outside of her alone time.  It was something even the normal folk could hear, and it slowly turned the rest of the town against her, so that by the time she was twelve, she couldn’t find sympathy in any of those she’d once interacted with.  In fact, there was talk of a witch in their midst.  Lalita was a smart girl, and she knew what that meant.  So she began to avoid others.  She avoided them well, until the whispers sort of. . .changed their tune.  This coincided with two events;  the arrival of a Mercenary Company in the small town, and the arrival of the man who would become her father.

Why the man, who the mercenaries called Radimir Volkove or “Chernyy Rytsar,” but she would call otets, took her in, nobody in the village or his company could figure out.  But he did, and he took Lalita away from the village, the company, and the whispers (for the most part).  Lalita didn’t know what to make of the gruff man, but he fed her, he kept her clothed, and he paid for a private tutor for her.  That, at first at least, was enough of an improvement to keep her happy.  That the whispers didn’t bother her so much, became muffled or silent was wonderful.  That he would take her to the rivers close to their new home of Westover to let her swim was appreciated.

The only issue was his disappearances for work, which could last weeks at times.  During those times, the whispers would return, though, as she could always stay in her home, they did little to attract negative attention.  And her schooling kept her more than occupied.

 Those months turned into a routine, and Lalita soon found that she loved her new parent.  She loved the swimming, and she loved showing him the new things she learned, both in class, and what the whispers told her.  She took on the last name of her “father,” and she showed him what tricks she could muster;  little floating globes of water, ease of sleeping (even if that cost her a good night’s sleep),  and her quick learning skills all delighted the elder Volkove, though he did stop her from showing her tricks to the other townsfolk.  And if his work ever made her uncomfortable, she always felt better knowing that he was only hunting bad men.  He even began showing her how he did his work, though he never allowed her to come along on his travels.  Her place was learning as much as she could from her tutor, and having fun days, not tromping about looking for people.

The whispers growing more worrisome should’ve been a warning for her.  They seemed to be increasing, and her tricks were growing in power, if only slightly.  Her otets promised that when he came back, he’d help her.  They’d find someone to explain it all, or find something to stop it.  They’d go to the capital, if they had to.  And then he’d finally take along on one of his trips.  But he didn’t return after a few weeks, and then a few months, and the whispers became more insistent. A year came and went, and still her father hadn’t returned.

At this point Lalita became very worried as well as confused. What had happened to otets? Was he in trouble, or did he simply just leave her? And if the later, why? She didn't understand- she couldn't understand. When the call went out for adventurers, the girl was conflicted whether to go or not. But when it came down to it, there really wasn't a reason for her to stay home. It was obvious otets wasn't coming back and the voices...perhaps if she went out into the world she could find someone like her. Someone who understood what she was going through and show her how to control her abilities. In the mean time she could also take this opportunity to look for otets. With these thoughts in mind it became obvious of the girls decision. She packed only what she would need and thus starts a new chapter in the fish-kins life.

Comfy Traveling Clothes (1)
Flint and Steel
Traveling bag
50 silver pieces

Weapon: Fishing Spear