Nasukaya Hawke
Name: Nasukaya Hawke

Age: 26

Race Choice: Human


Trained Assassin - born as the daughter of an assassin clan leader, Nasukaya had no say when it came to picking out careers. As such, she is skilled in using various bladed weaponry, though she greatly prefers blades that are smaller and easier to conceal. She uses two scimitars as her main weapons, but also usually has small throwing knives somewhere on her person, richly coated in various types of poisons that she makes herself.
She is well versed in hand-to-hand and unarmed combat and while not being able to overpower her opponent via brute strength, she is quick and agile and she will use it to tip the scale in her favor. If she gets to choose, she prefers observing her opponent first, calculate the possibilities, approach undetected and strike suddenly, before they have a chance to react.

Stealth - mastering the art of blending into the shadows and hide in plain sight took years, but Nasukaya would not have lasted this long if she didn't learn how to do it. By now, she is able to approach anyone, sometimes even managing to avoid being detected by a beast-kin by simply not making any noise and staying down wind.
She finds use for this particular skill in many things... most of them frowned upon by the more honest and law-abiding folk.

Poisons - every assassin worth their salt knows that it's in their best interest to get the job done, without leaving any visible connections to the recently deceased. Therefore, poisons seem like a very wise choice, as they can work fast or slow, depending on the dosage and are rather hard to trace back to the individual who administered it.


Tough cookie - growing up among the hard skinned people who killed for a living and valued a person based on the weight of their coin purse, Nasukaya's social skills leave much to be desired. She is very straight forward, brutally honest and often very cynical, which doesn't make her the best choice for an afternoon chit-chat. She doesn't speak often, but when she does, her words are short and to the point, which makes her appear very cold and as if the current conversation is barely worth her time. Even though she doesn't do it on purpose, it's a problem that makes people dislike her because of her "attitude".

Guilt trip - a few years ago, her clan had been destroyed and Nasukaya blames herself for the death of her father and her kin, even though no one is really certain if it was her fault or not. Because of this, she decided to turn a new leaf in life and she now avoids killing people if at all possible, though stealing from them is still optional (a girl's gotta eat, after all). This forces her to search for alternative solutions to problems which were usually solved by a slit throat, which in turn makes her less efficient that she could be.

Slight heroic streak - She has a soft spot for the small and helpless, which was very much seen as a weakness by other members of the clan, as such feelings cloud judgement and may cause a person to falter in their intent to take a life they were ordered to. She outright refuses to participate in situations that could endanger someone she deems innocent and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Role/Class: Thief

Physical Description:

Even though Nasukaya is of average height as far as human women go, the self-assured way she carries herself makes her look taller and more imposing then she really is. She is slender, lithe and moves quietly, with deadly grace. Her face could be called rather good looking by human standards, were it not firmly set in a cold scowl and paired up with sharp glaring gaze of slightly slanted amber colored eyes. Her hair is cropped short and of undeterminable color. It seems to shift somewhere between dark gray and light brown, depending on the lighting. Nasukaya usually wears light body armor in dark colors, often paired up with a cloak or a hood, which she hides under when the situation arises where she has to hide her face. Two dark red teardrops are tattoed under each of her eyes; a mark of the Bloody Tear Clan. On the rare occasions when she uncovers the skin of her arms or legs, old burn scars can be seen marring the surface here and there.

Background: An illegitimate child of a noble woman and a master assassin, Nasukaya's life could have literally went both ways. But fate made that decision for her when her mother passed away. Nasukaya was barely one year old at the time and after being handed down from god fearing nursemaid to nursemaid, her father proved that blood was indeed thicker than water, as he returned for the child he knew he had, but chose to ignore for the sake of Nasukaya staying with her mother.
Him and his clan raised the baby the only way they knew how; by teaching her the tools of the trade and turning her into one of them. Over the years, she has made a name for herself in circles where lives are traded for money.

A few years ago, during a turf war with another clan, Nasukaya was inadvertently responsible for her clan's home being invaded and burned to the ground, along with the slaughter of the people who lived there. A few of them escaped, Nasukaya among them and scattered across the continent, trying to avoid sharing the same fate as their people. Even though she is aware of the fact that revenge is damn near impossible, Nasukaya still searches for a way to redeem herself and lift the heavy burden that's pressing down on her every time she remembers her father's face and the burning inferno she ran out of.


- Dark colored leather and steel reinforced body armor
- a hooded cloak
- two scimitars
- a traveling bag
- throwing knives (x6)
- whetstone
- a small poison mixing kit, with a mortar and pestle included, along with a few pouches of dried herbs
- rope
- flint and tinder
- a bed roll
- water skin
- travel rations
- 50 silver pieces, distributed all over her armor and gear in small portions