Name: Fidelias
Age: 22
Race: Human

Skills: Basic two-handed sword wielding, basic blacksmithing and fletching, basic herbalism, hunting

- Two-handed sword wielding: Fidelias has a solid hold on fighting maneuvers for using heavy two-handed swords such as claymores. He has amassed a substantial amount of muscle memory and can effectively parry most blows from many weapons, but still has much to learn before he can be considered a legend, though he doesn't lack potential.
- Blacksmithing: Fidelias can sharpen and repair minor issues with swords and armor using leather and iron. He has not worked with steel or stronger substances, and cannot create new equipment. Cannot guarantee repair will improve equipment state.
- Fletching: Can attach feathers to arrows, though he makes no promises as to how true said arrows will fly. Fletching ability considered better than nothing. Can guarantee the arrows wonít fly backward.
- Herbalism: Can recognize basic roots and herbs throughout most coastal and forest regions of Linness, but is by no means an expert. Diarrhea and/or death may occur as a result of ingesting suggested plants.
- Hunting: Reasonable hunting skills, though Fidelias will claim to be a much better hunter than he truly is. He has, however, survived on his own since age 16 due to luck, his own resourcefulness, or perhaps even the grace of Lilith herself.


- Hot-head: Fidelias is an overconfident young man who is eager to prove himself on the battlefield but lacks training and discipline. He tends to lean toward being a one-man show in most everything that he does, and usually ends up to his despair, and although his seemingly unwavering confidence and overwhelming persistence seem ill advised, heís still been standing for whole 22 years.
- Paranoid: Given to mistrust, Fideliasí past is rife with experiences that have left him to be difficult to work with, and not only due to his near-narcissistic ways and condescending demeanor.
- Impulsive: Fidelias is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy (although he knows nothing about how to use a bow, other than how to nock an arrow and pull the string back), group members would do well to second guess his first instincts and opinions.

Class: Fighter

Physical Description: Handsome but overall unremarkable young man with purple hair.

In prime physical condition, Fidelias has no problem running long distances with large packs and equipment. A standard-sized and unassuming human, he stands just under 6 foot and weighs in at about 175.

Fidelias' skin is a pale, delicate white. He usually has a smug look on his face to pair up nicely with his personality. When angered, his eyes take on a feverish intensity that promises to destroy the object of his fury.


Shrouded in mystery

Fidelias is one of the only individuals who claim to have escaped from Denair, though he refuses to shed any light on it. Anyone who presses the matter typically regrets their decision due to Fideliasí short temper, but he is understanding of curiosity. Regardless, he is unwilling to provide any information on the matter, or about the city, and no one and nothing has seemed to make him budge regarding the issue. The only thing he will say is that he left at a mere age 16, explaining his moderate hunting skills that are seemingly beyond his years.

Fidelias will supply answers to his past that typically differ based on his audience. A man with a silver tongue, some say, he is keen on embellishment, though to point this out with undoubtedly be folly, unless youíre prepared to match his fighting skills (which are quite rudimentary, though pointing this out only digs the hole deeper).

Perhaps Fidelias will shed some light on his past as he journeys and bonds with his group members. Or perhaps he will perish in foolish display of overzealous misplaced confidence.

An interesting thing to note is Fideliasí rusted two handed sword that he keeps with him. It seems to be important to him, but he will not say why. The sword is not in the best condition, but he seems nervous to work on it, perhaps afraid he may damage it. Why is confidence seems to diminish when it comes to the blade is a mystery, although he has let it slip that it is some sort of an heirloom.

Fidelias' willingness, maybe even eagerness, to answer the call of this quest may seem out of character at first glance. Many who meet him find him insufferable due to his extravagant cockiness and brash nature, and those who ask him find words that match such a description, promising that he wants only violence-ridden glory, but if one looks into his eyes, he can easily see that something else stirs Fidelias' soul to fight.

Law Abiding Citizen

Fidelias has been an excellent fighter for most of his adult life and tends to follow the rules and laws of the land, including hunting restrictions, to the extent that people often find it uncharacteristic of him. Fidelias claims that though he finds himself above all, no one is above the law.

For several years after his departure of Denair, he trained and tried out for the town guard. Several things account for his repeated rejections, but his problem with authority (odd when juxtaposed for his fierceness in upholding and following the law) and lone-wolf nature are at the top of that list. His physical prowess was more than enough to join the ranks of the guards--enough so that the Captain of the guard probably would have even allowed him to use his beloved two-handed blade as opposed to the standard guard equipment.

Perhaps his ongoing failure at joining the simple town guard played a part in his willingness to join this quest with a mercenary outfit, something that may not sit well in his mind morally. Getting paid to kill isn't against his ideals, but it certainly isn't among them.


- 50 silver pieces
- Sharpening stones (3)
- Heavy two-handed sword; heirloom
- Small leather-bound tool set
- Tattered makeshift leather armor
- Makeshift wooden bow