Eandro Leerstrom
Eandro Leerstrom
Age: 19
Race: Half-Elf
-Musician: Originally tutored as a fiddler at his parents wishes, he received classical training and has hopes of performing at one of the many famous show houses of Theba.  He can play a wide variety of music from upbeat to heart wrenchingly sad, and everything in between.  Very much enjoys entertaining people.
-Fencing: A skilled fencer, especially at the duel, not particularly that great in a multi-opponent battles, he received training while still in his fathers house. These skills have seen much action on the dueling grounds.
-Singing: Kinda goes with the fiddling, but he can sing well acapella or with music.

-Musical Insect Magic
---Summoning song: While playing the fiddle this song (written by him) summons all the insects in the area to listen, or so it seems.  Once released from the songs spell the insects are released to their own devices. Unless he transitions into the frenzy song.

---Frenzied Song:  While playing the fiddle if he plays the one of the two songs he has ever written insects within 10-15 feet of him go into a frenzy and attack a single target.  This is incredibly unreliable and once started the insects will continue to act in a frenzied manner attacking the target until the music stops.  Once stopped often time the insects will remain in a frenzied state and attack objects at random until killed or calmed.  This is his oh shit ability, and must be precluded by the summoning song for any sort of effective response

--Weak to the Flesh - Known to go out of his way to seduce a woman, denies ever having been to a brothel butÖ there are rumors.
--Unable to hold his Liquor - About two drinks is all it takes for him to get drunk stumbling drunk, 4 gets him sick, and 6 has him passed out despite this he does love his drink.
--Loves his booze - drinks often, and heavily mostly due to his loss of his job at the guild.
--scatter brained - he is easily distracted, not necessarily disorganized though to outside observers he can appear quite disorganized. The best way to describe this is classic attention deficit disorder.
Role/Class - Bard


Eandro is one of those types, the tall dark and handsome type, all of the elven beauty and grace crossed with the rugged handsomeness of a human male.  Though due to hard times he typically looks a little worse for wear. He has that body type that seems to never get out of shape, and can maintain it with little to no work at all.  Despite his slightly worn state he truly is in many senses of the definition a swashbuckling young man.   He carries his high quality, and well made fiddle slung over his shoulder, and a fine high quality sabre at his hip.  His clothes are fine if a bit threadbare and stained from heavy wear. His attitude is a bit bitter from hard times, and he can be a bit pessimistic, but at heart he is still young and optimistic.  It seems he always has energy and a smile to woo the ladies, and a seemingly endless supply of trinkets and flowers.


The third son of a wealthy merchant, Eandro lacked for nothing growing up.  His parents insisted that he was raised well, and as well as being educated he was taught fencing, and to play the fiddle and sing by a retired master from one of the various Bard guilds of Theba.  His life was charmed until he turned 14, and his father expected him to join the family merchant business.  Other than his obvious lack of interest in becoming part of the family business there would be only a pittance of an inheritance.  When he requested to travel to Theba and learn to be a bard both his parents were strongly against this.  After much begging and cajoling he managed to talk his father into giving him his small share of his inheritance, and set off on his own for Theba.  He took his belonging: sabre, fiddle, and few sets of clothing, and the money with him.  Despite his attempts to save his money it barely lasted a year.  Luckily his ability with the fiddle gained him notice and by the time he turned 17 had set off on a modest career as a bard playing at one of the modestly popular concert halls in Theba and in several taverns in Westover as part of a guild.  You could say his modest popularity went to his head, along with his general good looks.  He began to live a bit more lavishly and became known for his partying as well as his playing, during this time he bedded many maidens.  His career abruptly ended when he was caught with the guild master's daughter.  Banned from the guild it became harder to find work, while his skills were considerable he could not maintain his style of living and found it harder to procure money.  This of course he blamed on the guildmaster, he set up in Westover as a regular bard.  During this time several strange incidents happened stemming from a host of locust showing up at a town festiva he was playing at destroying the crops in one case, with similar results happening in other towns as well, always it seemed when he played one of the two songs he had penned himself and was trying to gather people to him.  Another time a tavern keeper stole from him his collected coin.  When he set up outside and started playing to draw people to him he played the his song, progressing into another work of his he played with anger at the tavern keeper, and insects arrived with the first song, along with the interested people, but when he transitioned to the second song, the insects went crazy and attacked the tavern keeper.  Fleeing from the scene he began to realize that what had happened had come from him.  Stopping on the road he attempted to draw the insects again with no avail.  Not sure what he is missing he travels to Westport looking for work, and on the way receives a mysterious missive requesting an adventurous bard to complete a dangerous mission for high reward.  Down to his last coin, Eandro responds to the missive and heads to Vayas.


-Sabre - high quality finely crafted sabre gifted from his parents upon his thirteenth birthday.  Despite itís ornate appearance the sabre is extremely functional.
-Fiddle - another gift from his parents this instrument was made by the finest craftsmen many years before Eandroís birth. Despite itís worn appearance it has a very beautiful sound that can be warm and airy, cold and brooding, and everything in between.
- Fancy Travel Clothes - well worn, and maybe a bit threadbare in places these clothes look good and serve him well.
- Flask - often empty due to his poor financial state, since his banishment from the guild.
- Travel Roll - heavy blanket, some rations, and travel necessities