Name: Nyralim the Healer

Age: 104

Race Choice: Elf


    Healing: Basically, there is almost nothing Nyralim doesn't know about healing. Surgery, using herbs and herbal poultices to help patients recover, treating diseases and poisons, you name it. Also, everyone that he heals, for some reason or other, recovers very quickly. Sometimes even instantly. At such moments, a gentle bluish-white light may be seen covering his hands and the wounds as they close.
    Survival: As he has lived in the wilderness for a long time, he became quite apt at surviving in the wilderness. He knows how to find sustenance for himself, what various plants do, how to find water and shelter from the elements, even something about tracking. Recently he also noticed that, when he travels over the land, various vegetation literally moves out of his way, letting him pass through freely and covering his tracks when passes, as well as animals leaving him alone, on some rare occasions even seeking him out to help them.
    Powers: Nyralim has a gift of magic, specializing in healing and living things in general. As such he can see what is wrong with someone and instantly heal any ailment, be it wounds, disease or poison. He is even able to regenerate lost body parts, though it is not a quick process. It can take any amount of time, ranging from a few days to a few months, even a year, depending on what he is trying to regenerate. By the same token, he himself has never been sick, and cannot be poisoned. Usually he avoids using his powers to their fullest extent, combining them with other methods of healing, as they are quite flashy, making his hands, and, if any, wounds, glow with a soft bluish-white light.
    Fame: Since he has been traveling and healing for a long time now, he is somewhat famous. It is not always a good thing though, as various groups have tried to coerce to join them, not always in the most pleasant way.

    Nonviolence: Long time ago he swore not to consciously harm any living being, including animals, bugs and even plants if he can help it. As such he does his best to avoid any form of violence, seeming a coward at times (he is well aware that his skills will come into effect after the violent acts). It doesn't mean that he will not defend himself if he must, though. It also means that he will not eat any meat or drink anything that that he knows is alcoholic (since alcohol is also kind of poison it shouldn't have any effect on him, but he is not yet fully aware of that aspect of his powers).
    Helping Hand: He also swore that as long as there is any living being in his presence that needs his help, he will do his utmost to help them, be they friend or foe, animal or something else.
    Magic Control Issue: Though he has been a healer for a long time now, he still hadn't managed full control over his powers. They sometimes manifest when he doesn't want them to. The effects can vary from his power just not working, to actually harming the person he is trying to heal. And sometimes, though rarely for now, they manifest in the ways that cannot be linked to healing in any way. He dreads that most of all.

Role/Class: Healer/Magic User

Physical Description: Standing at 6'3'' Nyralim is of the average height for an elf. He has long brown hair with a reddish tinge, which is somehow always tidy, without a slight tangle. His eyes are deep brown, matching his hair. His skin is tanned thanks to all the years he has spent living outdoors. He usually wears a woodsman's garb of green and brown, without any special markings on it. His whole appearance is tidy and clean, though how he manages it when he stays in the wilderness is unknown. Usually he is reserved, almost shy, but when he gets to know someone he relaxes, showing himself as quite an open person.
(Please note, this is just an example of clothes Nyralim usually wears)

Background: Nyralim was born a bit more than a hundred years ago in the Sky Valley, third child in his family. There is nothing special about his childhood that he remembers. He played, learned what was expected of him, helped his parents as necessary and played some more. The change came as he was nearing his puberty. He slowly started avoiding playing the usual games that children played, instead choosing to find places of peace and quiet and contemplation, almost completely distancing himself from other children. It took him a year or two to figure out why was he behaving like that - he hated seeing the pain that sometimes accompanied such games. He distanced himself in order not to feel guilty for being unable to help those in pain. Realizing that, he immediately approached his parents and asked to be apprenticed to the healer. After a long talk, they agreed. He was 16 at the time.
    Next 10 years Nyralim spent learning his trade. He would be perfectly content to practice his trade for the rest of his life in a Sky Valley, but, as fate would have it, he was not allowed to as his gift of magic came to the surface. It happened a little after his apprenticeship for a Healer was done and he got his first serious case, an elf heavily wounded in the hunt. From the first moment it was obvious that the elf would not survive. So Nyralim was just trying to staunch the bleeding and lessen his pain, at the same time thinking how he would like to be able to do more for the injured elf, frustrated that he was powerless to help. It was in this moment that he felt a strange calmness wash over him and a soft bluish-white glow enveloped his hands and the wound of the dying elf. The hunter's wound started closing at the rapid pace, torn flesh literally knitting together before Nyralim's eyes. Few moments later, and the wound that should have cost the elf his life was healed completely, without leaving any scars. Of course, there were others present there. And, as Nyralim turned toward them in triumph, the glow on his hands still not dispersed completely, instead of happiness that he expected to see, he was met with the expressions of utter horror and disbelief. And then it dawned on him what has he just done. He ran out of the building, horrified, and kept running until he collapsed from exhaustion. He hasn't returned to the Sky Vally since.
    He would have died there in the wilderness, if he wasn't found by an old hunter, who helped him to recover. Still in shock from discovering his gift, Nyralim wanted to escape from his previous life completely, so he decided to stay with the hunter (who was grateful for the company) for a time. In the next few years, he learned all that the old man could teach him about wilderness survival, hunting, tracking and trailblazing. He has learned about various animals and some plants, expanding on his previous knowledge. During these years he was content again, believing that his magic left him completely. That was when the old man fell ill. Nyralim knew that it was because of his old age, but still he did his best to help him. He slowly remembered all his lessons in healing, only to once again feel the powerlessness of being unable to help. In the end he resorted to his magic, calling the calmness he felt before and trying to channel it again. He felt it responding to his call, a great tide, just waiting for his call beneath the surface. And something went wrong. He felt his loss of control, he felt how he aggravated the old man's condition, making his heart stop. He tried to stop the tide of magic, but was unable to. In the end, he lost consciousness from exhaustion. He woke up the other day, laying atop the old man's cold body. It took him a few days to calm down and to bury the old man, his body somehow still preserved during these days that he was wandering around, trying, and failing, to come to terms with himself. In the end, what brought him back was guilt. Guilt for leaving the old man who helped him, and whom he killed, unburied. As soon as he buried the old man, he went away from the cabin they were living in, unable to face this place anymore.
    After that he kept wandering for a few years, trying to run away from his magic and people. He tried helping animals, using his skills and magic, reasoning that they were just an animals. He did manage to improve his control just a tiny bit with that, managing to mostly control his power properly. But, as he spent so much time with various animals, he started to care about them, treating them like like he would another person. It became difficult to try his healing skills on them, because he became afraid of hurting them. Still, satisfied that he could keep his power somewhat under check, he decided that he may be able to conquer it completely by improving his healing skills. And so he started traveling. He traveled all over the Linness, avoiding only the Sky Valley, helping anyone he could, learning all that he could learn about healing, gathering tidbits about magic that he heard people talking about. After some 10 years of traveling around and witnessing the best and the worst that the island had to offer, he made a vow to himself to never consciously harm another living being, to avoid violence at all costs and to help anyone that he could.
    He has been wandering the island since, never staying in one place too long. And he still has not discovered the means to conquer his gift completely, as it still manifests against his will. Most that he was able to do was to channel it through the normal methods of healing, earning him the fame of a miracle healer. He also discovered that his powers were bound not to get out of his control if he used them in that way more often. That is part of the reason he is still doing his best to heal, making him kind of addicted on healing. Small consolation for him is that he really enjoys healing others.
    Since he moves around a lot, sometimes staying away from the same place for a decade or even more, his fame as a healer grows very slowly. And he prefers it that way. He is known as The Healer, mostly with the smallfolk and travelers. Unfortunately, some unsavory types also heard about him and started hounding him. They wanted his services, and they were ready to do anything to get them. He was able to evade them for years, but he was aware that sooner or later they were bound to get him. So, when the missive arrived he used the chance to move away from his pursuers, making the necessary arrangements with The Menders.
    There were few other goals he set for himself. If he can, he would use this opportunity to make a place for himself. A place where he would be able to heal in peace, without worrying about what will happen if they find out about his powers. He also hopes that Menders will be able to provide him with access to the clerical books, which might help him learn more about his powers.

    Silver Pieces (50)
    Wooden Staff
    Bedroll (blanket actually)
    His Clothes and Cloak
    Dried Fruit Rations (5)
    Various Herbs
    Herbalist Kit (to be able to prepare necessary poultices and components)
    A set of Bandages
    Surgical Tools