Kogan Steelbender
Name: Kogan Steelbender
Clan: Swordbreaker
Age: 84
Race: Dwarf


Master-at-Arms: Kogan has been trained in many forms of combat and weaponry.  He is an excellent soldier and defender.  He favors a long chain whip with mace-like bludgeoning end and shield but always carries a warhammer, dagger, hand-axe, and hand crossbow on his person.

Blacksmithing:  Kogan is a master craftsman.  He is capable of masterwork armor and weapons, however, has not manufactured any since leaving the mountain.  Most of the work he does in smithing revolves around practical use items such as horseshoes or gardening tools.

Sculpting: Not quite the master, ever since Kogan retired to the island of Hanover he has been “dabbling” in the art of sculpting.  His favorite medium to work with has been stone.  He has created some remarkable pieces but still has much to learn.

Foraging, Hunting, Farming and Cooking: Since living on the island of Hanover, Kogan has become increasingly self reliant.  Although his hunting is more advanced than his farming, cooking or foraging, Kogan has become quite adept at identifying where and how to find food and cook it properly for consumption.  As a former soldier, hunting had become nearly second nature.


Nightmares: Since surviving the attacks at Ceylon, Kogan has suffered from nightmares.  He often relives the nights he spent fighting in the defense of Ceylon and the mysterious fall.  Though when he wakes, he can never quite recall the nightmare in exact detail. It is as though something is blocking his memories.  Many a nights of sleep has he lost due to these nightmares.

Drinking: Drinking for a dwarf is second nature, it is like fighting or breathing.  However, Kogan would have given up drinking forever had he the choice. He has found that drinking to excess (to the point of blacking out) has allowed him dreamless sleep, something he craves.  However, Kogan has noticed that the next day is often slow and sluggish comparable to the days he has after suffering from a nightmare. He has often come to odds at the nightly decision he must make (run the chance of a nightmare or drink himself to a stupor). It also tends to be very expensive.

Guilt: One of the more lasting effects the nightmares have had on him, is the feeling of guilt.  Especially on the rare occasion that he wakes with the memory of a nightmare.  This has often led him to become over-protective of the those he would call friend and/or family.

Water: Though he loathes to admit it, Kogan is afraid of any body of water that is deeper than chest high on him. He crossed the isthmus at low tide to make it to the Island of Hanover.

Role/Class: Fighter

Physical Description: Kogan stands at 4 ˝ feet tall and weighs a muscular 180 pounds.  Years of fighting, sculpting, smithing and labor have given Kogan a hardened and sturdy frame.  His weapons are all hand-crafted by Kogan himself (save the hand crossbow, which he traded for) and his armor and shield had been handed down to him by his ancestors.  He has red hair and a beard with many braids that stretches almost to his waist in some places.  His eyes are gray.

Background:  Kogan grew up in the northern ranges of the Herrin mountains. The place he called home.  It was where Kogan had become a master blacksmith and trusted defender of the mountain stronghold.  Where he forged unbreakable bonds with his clansmen and his kinsmen.  But trouble stirred and the mountain home had suddenly become hostile.  Almost without warning and certainly without provocation, a large force of evil creatures attacked the stronghold, taking it by surprise.  Though despite the initial surprise, the dwarves quickly mounted a counter offensive and for a time, were able to stem the flow of the attack. But it was to be short-lived as an overwhelming flood of creatures attacked with the next wave.  The dwarfs were befuddled as to how they were unable to detect or defeat such a force, and were ultimately forced from their stronghold.  Many of the survivors fled to the nearby towns, with Kogan heading to Ceylon.

The arrival in Ceylon was met with a suspicious calm before the attacks started again.  This time the dwarves were ready, and managed to defeat several incursions before suffering a defeat.  However, the attacks and the fighting never truly ceased and Kogan fought nearly everyday from sunup to sundown before he was able to rest.  This went on for many years before there had been a conclusion.  Unannounced, an overwhelming and largely unknown force annihilated the town.  Kogan wasn’t sure what had happened or how he had survived but he would never be the same again.  All the fighting and the sudden and complete annihilation of the town had left Kogan with nightmares and holes in his memories.  It seemed strange that he couldn’t recall any of the days leading up to the attack nor any of the days following.  He only realized one thing: that he had to get as far away as he could and he had to stop fighting.  Kogan had given up fighting. For a dwarf to give up fighting was like forgetting how to breathe. It just didn’t happen.

In the following time afterwards, Kogan made his way across the mountains, taking the safer paths, passing through towns, eventually settling on the Island of Hanover.  He had heard of the serenity and solitude the island provided, and felt that was where he needed to be.  Since arriving on the island, Kogan has stored his weapons and armor away hoping to never use them again. He has created a life of solitude and self reliance, that allows him to continue his smithing and even delve into sculpting.  Kogan enjoyed every bit of the life he created, even to the point where the nightmares were somewhat tolerable. But the happiness and serenity were never meant to last.

And so begins the next chapter in the life of Kogan Steelbender, defender and master smith of Clan Swordbreaker……


50 silver pieces
Adventurer’s Kit (Backpack, bedroll, blanket, waterskin(2), rations, flint and steel, 50 ft rope, belt pouch)
Chain Whip (bludgeoned end)
Hand crossbow (with quiver of bolts)
Pots and pans
Whetstone (3)
Handcrafted mug
Armor (full plate)
Artisan tools (Sculptors)