Belaern Uloavae
Physical Description: Belaern is a pale figure, whose body is marred with the many scars of childhood and adolescence. Tattoos adorn his skin, often in reference to astrological events and symbols. He is clad in paltry, black robes, with a pair of worn-out boots upon his feet. His blood-red eyes are striking, full of madness and deceit. Upon his hands he wears no gloves, revealing the ugly flesh beneath-- pale and scarred, blood vessels bulging, long fingers with sharpened nails, and frankly unclean. The long ears of this elf are pierced and plagued with metallic adornments, up and down them. His long, sleek face appears emaciated and unattractive. A pair of wrinkled, faded-pink lips guard opposing rows of blackened, sharpened teeth.