Always is a small-framed man with bushy black hair and a beard to match, and a wild, intense gaze.  He is fond of wearing black clothes with ripped denim "vestments" (likely the remains of an old jacket) adorned with arcane symbols painted on in white and red.

Always sees himself as a prophet, meant to guide humanity safely through this dark age and into whatever brighter times will follow.  He doesn't always know the details of what that will be or how to get there, and sometimes he might even admit as much.  But he is absolutely, unflinchingly confident that his way is the right way for the human race.  So far he's managed to convince a handful of followers, about 20 actually, to have somewhere near the same level of confidence in his leadership.


*Cool 0  Hard +1  Hot -1  Sharp +2  *Weird +3

Damage 9:00 (psychic maggots)

Anita +1
Antonio +2
Captain +1
Giga +2
Mr. Sleep -1
Trump +1

Fortunes - At the beginning of the session, roll+fortune.  On a 10+, your followers have surplus.  On a 7-9, they have surplus, but choose 1 want.  On a miss, they are in want.  If their surplus lists barter, that's your personal share.
Frenzy - When you speak the truth to a mob, roll+weird.  On a 7-9, hold 1; on a 10, hold 3.  Spend 1 hold to make the mob:
-bring people forward and deliver them
-bring forward all their precious things
-unite and fight for me as a gang (2-harm, 0-armor)
-fall into a mess of uninhibited emotion, as I choose - fucking, fighting, lamenting, sharing, celebrating
-go quietly back to their lives
Charismatic - When you try to manipulate someone, roll+weird instead of roll+hot.
Fucking Wacknut - You get +1 weird.
Hocus special - If you and another character have sex, you each hold 1.  Either of you can spend your hold any time to help or interfere with the other, at a distance or despite any barriers that would normally prevent it.

2 barter

my cult, 20 people - loyal, but not fanatical, follow me when I travel
fortune +1; surplus: 1 barter, +augury, +party; want: desertion, +desperation, +savagery
joyous and celebratory
in a group, a powerful psychic antenna
decadent and perverse
entirely reliant on me for their lives and needs
bonus moves: augury, insight

Experience: 10