Wyn Roth
Short and slightly built, with dark amber eyes, Wyn sports longish blonde hair, has a well trimmed moustache and a small patch of beard on his chin.  Everything is neatly trimmed, but look closely and you can see that the rest of his face is as smooth as a girl’s and he doesn’t really need to shave.

He is neatly dressed in a black thigh length jacket that bears the Golden Road symbol of Takri, the goddess of Travelers and Funerals, high on the lapels.  His tight trousers, boots and soft hat look as if they would be as happy on the open road as they are about town.

It is only when he takes his hat off that you are able to glimpse the slightly pointed ears that confirm his part elven heritage.

He is often found in the company of his brother (Gedd) and his sister (Berta).