Jahi Penman
Jahi is short and slightly built he has a bit of a paunch, with unkempt grey hair.  His skin tone marks him out as a foreigner, although he speaks almost perfect common.  It is said that he made his fortune as a marine navigator and merchant, before settling down in Valarez.

He is known to be a priest of Takri in her aspect of Patron of Travellers and speaks a number of different languages.  Now in semi retirement he has a comfortable life, living in his tower surrounded by  servants and female assistants.

His business, Pen & Ink, produces a range of magical scrolls, potions, wands and even a small range of Alchemical items. Although Jahi tends to concentrate on those things he enjoys most:  map and chart making, translating and drawing  particularly maritime scenes and studies of naked women.  Recently he has taken up sculpture as a new art artistic interest.