Manfred Geiger
Born (1915) in pre-Nazi Germany, Manfred developed an early gift for painting.  He had a keen eye for detail that paid off in a printing apprenticeship which gave him the skills needed to go on to be a document forger later in life.  He worked through WWII as a printer for the government, printing propaganda posters and such.

     His sire recognized Manfred's passion for his work and embraced (1987) him rather than see said talent die.  He still spends his time painting, playing the violin, and makes his living through counterfeiting some of the best forged documents the world has never noticed; not usually bills these days, but usually he forges documents, especially historical ones such as stock certificates, memorabilia, and rare postage stamps.

     He has a taste for the finer things in life and dislikes anyone or thing with a lack of civility; though recent experience have begun to change his mind about people and be at least slightly more tolerant.  Well off financially, but not exceptionally rich;  most of his money was made illegally, but some of it was for his artistic work.  He looks at counterfeiting/forgery as an art form.  He was/has never been caught for his counterfeiting activities; though he was on the FBI watch-list in the early 1960's.

     Lately, he has taken a keen interest in the political maneuvering of the city and has possible aspirations of Princedom should the opportunity present itself, even if meant being a little underhanded.  After all, it wouldn't be the first time he's gotten his hands dirty...

     Standing at 6'5", Manfred makes an impression on people.  Other than his height, his only real distinguishing mark is a scar across the back of his left hand from a deep, slicing wound he suffered as a teenager.

     Typically, he wears casual, conservative clothing.  Suits with a little flash aren't uncommon on some days.  Often, he wears tasteful, yet showy jewelry.  He wears spectacles.