Bern Asheye
The first thing that present itself when you look at Bern is the man eyes, his eyes are the color of ash, gray and colorless they view the world with passion and wisdom not usually present with ones as young as he is. Bern is a tall and fair looking, his bearing clearly mark him as one of the people of king Bard in the new city of Dale. He keep his light brown curly hair at shoulder length.

While the cloths he use are of good made, they have been clearly used for many treks in the wild, his colors are dark gray and black with wide hooded cloak of excellent make. On top of his shirt he wear a leather corset with the marking of craftsmanship of the man of Dale. True to his heritage Bern carries a great bow strapped across his back and a quiver full of arrows at his side. Beside the dagger tucked into his belt he usually lean on a wooden spear tipped with iron which he use both to aid in travel and as a weapon.