Brandoin Ravenbeard
Brandoin Ravenbeard is a dwarf who hails from Ered Luin and the mines of that place. He stands about four and half feet tall and weighs nigh thirteen stone. As a trader he oft travels lonely and wild places as well as to cities and towns. As such, he dresses in common woolens and linens of earth tones save his cloak which is forest green. He has sturdy iron-shod boots and defends himself with a finely crafted mattock. Never far from his persons is his pipe and pouch of Longbottom Leaf.

Some say he seeks a place that was lost many years back and once belonged to his clan. Of this place Brandoin will not speak of unless he trust the person. For truth he doesn't know much about it save for a song... a song he often hums as he marches hither and yon.