Before you stands a tall (6'2) slender young man clad in a leather corslet over the top of loose fitting traveling clothes.  Across his back rests a small pack, a quiver of arrows and finely crafted lute. On his hip rests both a sword and a dagger. In his left hand is a magnificent Great Bow that stands nearly as tall as he does.  The dark green hooded cloak that he wears is held together by an elegant broach, and on that broach is an etched arrow cast in Black.

  As you get to know Ulfaar, you learn that he is a Man of the Lake and has a youthful energy and over confidence in how he carries himself.  Only in his 21st season, he left Esgrath to see the world.  Skilled with song, lute and need be his Great Bow he is eager to see the 'legends' for himself, and perhaps even craft a song or story along the way.