Name: Stargirl (Skye Robinson)
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
Ethnic: Caucasian (Half Alien)
Gender: Female
Eyes: Turquoise
Hair: Pale Blonde (Long)

Skye is a beautiful sixteen-year old girl with fair skin and an athletic build. She keeps her pale blond hair long; as Skye she ties it in a ponytail, but as Stargirl she leaves it loose. Her eyes are an unusual turquoise color, a hallmark of her alien heritage. Her eyes are brighter as Stargirl, as she uses her contained stellar energy to make them glow slightly, further enhancing the distinction between her two identities.

Stargirl's costume consists of a leotard with short sleeves, royal blue and trimmed with gold, along with a pair of golden bracelets. On her chest is a half-star motif in shiny gold. She wears a matching royal blue miniskirt trimmed with gold and a golden belt with a starburst buckle, and mid-length blue boots with high heels and gold trim. Her legs are otherwise bare. She also wears a mid-length collared cape with, white and edged with gold, and tied at the neck.

As Skye she is as self-conscious of her appearance as any teenager. She dresses casually but stylishly in jeans and T-shirts and is rarely without her smartphone to keep in touch with her friends. She enjoys wearing skirts and dresses for special occasions.

Skye is a sociable, gregarious young woman who enjoys being at the center of attention and hanging out with her friends. She's conscious of status and popularity, but the confident, good-looking Skye rarely has much trouble maintaining those. She is a kind and caring person, empathetic to the feelings of others, and willing to help them at a moment's notice. She'd never belittle or bully someone for her own benefit. She thinks of herself as sophisticated, and won't admit to acting childishly, though at times she does, much to her chagrin. She dates guys but is getting bi-curious.

She's very confident and brave, combining the typical feelings of invulnerability of a teenager with the sure knowledge that she is, in fact, practically invulnerable. When in a fight she usually prefers the direct approach, particularly if there are others nearby, reasoning that anything that hits her nigh-invulnerable self won't usually be a danger to bystanders or other heroes who might not be quite so durable.

Skye loves to fly and will do it for the sheer fun of it, at breakneck speeds just for the thrills, or at a more placid pace when she needs some alone time to think. She finds her powers exciting and superheroics even more so. She enjoys the thrill of combat, but her preference lies in saving people, and she'll be found helping with fires, disasters and rescues as often as she will be seen fighting supervillains.

She's close to her aunt and mother; she's aware that her adventures worry her mother but hasn't consciously admitted it to herself. Having been too young to remember her father, she holds no great sentiment towards him one way or another and doesn't really feel that she missed out on a lot. She's grateful to her aunt for all the help she got and feels indebted to her; she'd drop everything to help her out if needed.

Ultimately, she's driven by a fundamental desire to do the right thing and to help people, and she never feels happier than when she's saved someone from peril. While having powers is cool and the attention is great, she feels like she has a deep responsibility to use her newfound abilities to help people.

Skye's father was Prince Kyr-Ian Theralur, a traveler from the planet Thamanar, and the alien superhero Starflame. Her mother was Lindsey Carter, a top reporter whose dogged pursuit of Starflame quickly led to her learning of his secret identity as fantasy novelist Robert Robinson.

Lindsey and Kyr-Ian were married in a beautiful ceremony and Skye was born shortly thereafter. Outside of her eye's unusual turquoise coloration, she seemed to be a normal, healthy child with a limitless capacity for keeping her parents up at night. When Skye was four, a cloaked ship from Thamanar came to Earth, to beseech the help of Prince Kyr-Ian. The planet and its royal family were in grave danger, and though Kyr-Ian was nowhere near the throne, he was needed back home. The Thamanarians pleaded with him until the brave hero could not refuse them. Starflame kissed his wife and daughter, promised them he would return as soon as he could, and left the planet.

Twelve years later, Starflame has not returned to Earth.

Skye grew up being raised by her mother Lindsey, her maternal grandparents Rose and Frank who moved into the basement apartment of their house, and her aunt Emma who lived downtown but drove her to school on occasion. As she grew up, it soon became evident that she was different from the other little kids. First it was spontaneous glowing of her eyes and her body, thankfully during summer break. Then Lindsey noticed Skye often went for hours without eating or stayed underwater in the pool for fifteen minutes at a time. Then she started breaking things by squeezing them too hard. Then she started hovering. Skye was developing her father's powers. Lindsey Robinson was no fool; she'd prepared for this eventuality. She pulled the terrified Skye out of school on some unspecified medical condition and called on her sister Emma Carter for help. Emma Carter or, as she was known to the world at large, Orchid, the martial artist heroine.

It was Orchid who taught Skye how to control her powers, with some help from some of her colleagues who had superpowers. It was only a few weeks before Skye's natural control over her power truly asserted itself, and she went from terrified to excited. Orchid introduced Skye to the world of superheroes, trained her to use her powers, then to fight with them.

It was soon after that Skye had her first 'adventure', as she became a hostage to the mechanical menace known as Myrmidon, as he threatened her life to try and force Orchid to surrender. Myrmidon got more than he bargained for; while he held Skye, she punched into his chest and ripped his power core out, then joined Orchid and her friends in pounding his robot minions. Orchid congratulated Skye but warned her to stay away from hero work until she was older.

Since then, Skye has returned to school and eventually entered high school. She lives the typical life of a teen, exchanging texts with her friends, attending classes, joining the cheer squad, and going to train with Emma two evenings a week. But she has also, recently started to fly around as Stargirl, assisting with fire rescue and the occasional mugging, confident that smoke, fire, or bullets won't harm her. Because of this, some of the public know her name and there are a few images and a single video clip of her helping people during a raging fire. There was also this one time where Orchid got herself into trouble and called upon her super-powered niece for help against a group of heavily-armed drug dealers.

All in all, Skye is happy with her life, thinks her superhero career has started well, and feels like she's ready to move on to the next level.