Rondo Telek is a crypto-anarchist who grew up on New Terra.  He was born Lon Cantou and took to computers early in life.  That interest was nurtured by his family who have long been deeply involved in the operation of the Galactic Computernet.  Lon had access to the best computer tech available to humankind.  He was still a young man when he was given significant levels of responsibility over the operations of the 'Net.  His skills allowed him to gain access to ancient historical records and other literature that was banned by the government.  He was able to read the works of ancient philosophers that showed him that there might be other ways to live than the way offered by the TSR.  The more he learned, the more he turned against the totalitarian state that the TSR had become.  He no longer believed their propaganda.

Lon was wise enough to keep his change in philosphy to himself.  He began building backdoors into nodes of the 'Net that he could use for covert access.  He began experimenting with new forms of cryptography to keep communications private from the prying eyes of the TSR and other governments.  He began disseminating this open source code on the Darknet for the benefit of other like-minded people.  He created the hacker alias Defenestrator, which he used to conceal his identity when engaging in 'anti-social behavior', as judged by the TSR.

Defenestrator offered his services as a hacker for hire in order to earn untraceable money that he would need to escape his life as Lon Cantou.  He almost exclusively worked with people looking to access data that governments were hiding from their own people, regardless of the cause.  He never worked with governments.

Lon knew that he couldn't continue what he was doing forever without getting caught.  Eventually someone would catch on and all the work he had done creating backdoors and tweaking the AI of core 'Net routers would be discovered and removed.  He needed to remove all trace that could indicate that Lon Cantou and Defenestrator were the same person.  In his 30th year he pulled off his greatest hack while simultaneously faking the death of Lon Cantou.  Defenestrator opened up dozens of highly classified government and corporate datastores that revealed all sorts of nefarious activity by those organizations.  No one noticed during that brou-ha-ha that someone had swapped Lon Cantou's biometric information with a recently deceased homeless man named Rondo Telek.  By all appearances, Lon Cantou died when his vehicle crashed and exploded.

He became Rondo Telek at that point, while continuing to use the Defenestrator identity to conduct his mercenary hacking work.  He left New Terra and hopped from star to star, never staying in one place long.  As long as he could access the 'Net he could get and do work.  He spends the money he earns on equipment and experimental technology that he would frequently give away in order to advance his cause of acheiving a free society.  He continues to look for any opportunity to demonstrate to the people that the governments that rule them are not legitimate by showing them the secrets that those governments are keeping from them.