Standing at only 5' when on his hind legs, Poss'um is small male albino Selonian.  Preferring to free ball it, he rarely wears clothing except for a simple (but elegant) collar, utility belt and pack, making it easy to ditch his gear and give the appearance of just a dumb animal as opposed to the sneaky little weasel he truly is...


Poss'um's Character Sheet
Species: Selonian
Career: Smuggler
Specialization: Thief

Obsession - Obsessed with his appearance and hygiene.
After all, everybody says he's 'fucking adorable' and look at
that luxurious pelt!
Obsession - First obsession is kind of a result of the
second...females, pure and simple.  Male Selonians have 1 job
in the colony.  ONE! He's not part of a colony, now is he.
This can lead to some, shall we say, frustrations and a rather
unhealthy obsession with the opposite sex. Especially when
coupled with the fact that he's habitually shy around females unless
he's acting and woman won't give him the time of day unless they
think he's a pet...

SoakWounds/ThresholdStrain/ThresholdDefense Ranged/Melee


Total XP:95Available XP:0

General Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Astrogation (Int)        AA
Athletics (Br)       AA
Charm (Pr)        AA
Coercion (Will)    AAA
Computers (Int)Yes  AA
Cool (Pr)     AA
Coordination (Ag)Yes2PPA
Deception (Cun)Yes1PAA
Discipline (Will)      AAA
Leadership (Pr)    AA
Mechanics (Int)     AA
Medicine (Int)    AA
Negotiation (Pr)    AA
Perception (Cun)Yes1PAA
Piloting-Planetary (Ag)     AAA
Piloting-Space (Ag)Yes  AAA
Resiliance (Br)     AA
Skullduggery (Cun)Yes2PPA
Stealth (Ag)Yes1PAA
Streetwise (Cun)Yes  AAA
Survival (Cun)    AAA
Vigilance (Will)Yes  AAA

Combat Skills
NameCareerRankDice Pool
Brawl (Br)     AA
Gunnery (Ag)    AAA
Melee (Br)    AA
Ranged-Light (Ag)     AAA
Ranged-Heavy (Ag)    AAA

Knowledge Skills
NameCareerRankDice Pool
Core Worlds (Int)    AA
Education (Int)    AA
Lore (Int)    AA
Outer Rim (Int)    AA
Underworld (Int)Yes  AA
Xenology (Int)    AA

Custom Skills
NameCareerRankDice Pool

Talents and Special Abilities
NameSource/pg #Ability Summary
Species Talent: Coordination 1Suns of FortuneSelonians start with 1
rank in Coordination
Species Talent: Sees in darknessSuns of FortuneSelonians see in almost
total darkness, remove
all Setback Die due to
Street Smarts (1 Rank)EotE pg.144Remove 1 Setback Die per
rank of Street Smarts from
any Streetwise or Knwoledge
(Underworld) Checks.
Indistiguishable (1 Rank)EotE pg.137Opposing Characters upgrade the
difficulty of any checks made
to identify him once per rank
of Indistiguishable
Bypass Security (1 Rank)EotE pg.133Remove 1 Setback Die per
rank of Bypass Security from
Skulduggery or Computers skill
checks made to disable a
security device or open a locked
Hidden Storage (1 Rank)EotE pg.137hidden storage encum. up to ranks
in hidden storage

TailBrawl(Agility)+1Engaged5 - - Disorient 2, Knockdown. Tail attacks
with Agility Characteristics, but
uses Brawn for damage.
Holdout BlasterRanged (light)5Short411Stun Setting
Heavy Blaster PistolRanged (light)7Medium323Stun Setting
Frag GrenadeRanged (light)8Short410Blast 6, limited ammo

Equipment Log
Heavy ClothingWell...he has a thick luxurious pelt
and a fancy collar. Seems
like that would count :)
Comlink (handheld)For talking to my peeps.
DatapadGotta keep the bitches numbers
somewhere, right?
Utility BeltEnc +1 and keeps shit handy.
Military Belt Pouch (Qty.2)Allows 2 items of enc. 0 to
be on quickdraw. Currently
2 Stimpacks in one and a
Chance Cube in the other.
Stimpacks (Qty.3)Heals 5, then 4, then 3 etc...
Chance CubeJust for fun! Do you feel lucky?
Military PackEnc +6 so I can haul more booty!
Tool KitAlways good to have the right
tools for the job.
Slicer GearAllows access to computer
Address cardIt tells us where to go
Jim's name tagSergeant Jim
credstick810 credits from Floah (not added to credit total)

Credit Log
?+1500Character Creation
?-1405Start up supplies
10/27/14  +76'Goz' Theft
11/7/14  +175from Jim's corpse
11/24/14  -26to help clean Floah's place

Experience Log
11/7/14+10XP for Rane's rescue?
11/11/14-10XP for Hidden Storage Talent

Contacts and Resources
Desda HaalsDuros Tech-merchant in the Spaceport of L'pwacc Den

Being a normally highly bonded species, Poss'um's world fell apart when his owner/father
was killed in an accident.  Not knowing where to turn he is on a never ending quest
to find a new family in which he can belong.

Born as an albino male Selonian as well as the runt of his litter,
Poss'um had no future in being a sire in his society.  For the welfare of his den (and to
hide the fact an inferior specimen was born) his nurse was ordered to get rid of him.  She
was unable to kill the poor pup, her instinct in preserving all Selonian life was too strong,
so instead she sold him to an unknowing pilot, named Niuk Tull, as a 'pet', claiming he was
an unintelligent subspecies.  As Poss'um grew, it was obvious he was highly intelligent, but
it took longer for his owners to realize he was sentient.

When his true nature was discovered it was decided to keep the farce of owner and pet going,
as an unintelligent pet could gain access to more information, places and pockets than any
sentient could.  Indeed, it worked incredibly well.  Most beings didn't give the 'pet' a second
thought as their purses were lightened.