Hired Gun - Bodyguard
Soak: 4
Wound Threshold: 17
Strain Threshold: 10
Defense: 0/0
Crit: Stinger 1D

Brawn: 3
Agility: 4
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 1
Presence: 2

General Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Astrogation (In)  GG
Athletics (Br)Y1YGG
Charm (Pr)  GG
Coercion (Wi)  G
Computers (In)  GG
Cool (Pr)  GG
Coordination (Ag)  GGGG
Deception (Cu)  GG
Discipline (Wi)Y G
Leadership (Pr)  GG
Mechanics (In)  GG
Medicine (In)  GG
Negotiation (Pr)  GG
Perception (Cu)Y1YG
Pilot (Planetary) (Ag)Y GGGG
Pilot (space) (Ag)  GGGG
Resilience (Br)Y1YGG
Skulduggery (Cu)  GG
Stealth (Ag)  GGGG
Streetwise (Cu)  GG
Survival (Cu)  GG
Vigilance (Wi)Y1G
Combat Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Brawl (Br)Y1GG
Gunnery (Ag)Y1YGG
Lightsaber (Br)  GGG
Melee (Br)Y1YGG
Ranged (Light) (Ag)Y GGGG
Ranged (Heavy) (Ag)Y2YYGG
Knowledge Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Core Worlds (In)  GG
Education (In)  GG
Lore (In)  GG
Outer Rim (In)  GG
Underworld (In)  GG
Xenology (In)  GG

Bowcaster w/Auto Re-Cocker & Bowcaster AcceleratorRanged - Heavy11Medium3Cumbersome 3, Knockdown, Pierce 2
Fusion CutterMelee5Engaged3Breach 1, Burn 3, Sunder, Vicious 1

Motivation: Find Family
Obligation - 25 Total
10 - Family - Graaddik's family is missing (likely held by the Empire), but he doesn't know where
10 - A Score to Settle - Graaddik was tricked away from his home by a group of slavers Tradoshans who used a slave Wookiee to feign a distress call deep in the jungle. While he
was gone investigating slavers swooped in and took his family.
5 - Adrenaline Rush - Since the loss of his family Graaddik has become quarrelsome and violent. Rarely will he avoid conflict, especially with anyone vaguely connected to
slaving, the Empire, or who he suspects protecting either of those groups.

Total XP: 90
Unused XP: 90
Credits: 493
Beast-Hide Armor - Add 1 Advantage to Coercion checks, add one Threat to Charm Checks
Stimpack (4)
Comlink (handheld)

Grit 1+1 to Strain Threshold
Wookiee RageWhile injured add +1 to Brawl and Melee attacks, instead add +2 while critically injured.