Esyld is a striking young woman, standing just a little over average height.   Her complexion is on the fair side, her eyes ocean grey.   Her brown hair falls toward mid back, commonly ponytailed, or sometimes braided with decorative beads.

Her nationality is hard to pin, especially after one listens to her speak. Her accent isn't one that suggests any particular country of the Young Kingdoms.  As well, her usages of what is apparently slang may be rather hard to interpret. In any case, her voice has a lovely timbre, and her angelic singing suggests an experienced songstress.

Unless she has reason to think display of it unwise, the sacred sigil of the Muse-goddess, Theril, is etched upon a small pendant she wears, as well as a distinctive brooch with which she pins her cloak.

These days, she is likely to be clad in a set of sea-leathers; a rapier style dueling blade sheathed at one hip.  Although her appearance wouldn't otherwise suggest violence, and she usually manages to word her way out of trouble, the dueling sword isn't for show.  She is a capable swordswoman, once the blades must come out.