Dungeon Master
The DM grew up in the lands of the 'Old World', far to the north of Sasserine. He was given the 'Republic and Darokin' and 'The Fire Shires' gazetteers as birthday presents and read them about a thousand times, not that they were particularly good gazetteers, but they had a big effect on him. Because of them, and the map in the 'Isle of Dread' module, the landscapes of this world are etched into his brain.

But he tired of running oD&D/BECMI games. There are limited options in terms of character building and attack options. After hearing one of his players say 'I smash' (-4 to hit but add strength to damage) for the millionth time, he realised that he was sick of the limited options and he wanted to try something more. Enter the Savage Tide Adventure Path!

Oh the production values! Such colour. And what lovely NPC portraits! If only these had been around when he was a kid. But sadly he had just moved town and was miles away from his old gaming buddies, and anyway, they were only able to get together about twice a year in any case. He thought he would give online RPGing a shot, and started with a one-on-one game with his best gaming bud. It went well. VERY WELL. They wanted more and the Savage Tide game you see before you was born.