Angati is around her fifties, she looks just a bit over encumbered in her breastplate and the oversized morning-star that looks like it comes from times when she was a younger woman.

Her face is wrinkled but keeps a certain charm and vividness in her eyes that are not easy to find. Her hair is held on the top of her head by ways of a bun or pony tail most of the time. Her hair is not entirely blonde nor entirely white, sort of an aged wheat color while still keeping a few streaks of shine in it that maybe are the remnants of a tincture.

She has a certain sadness to her eyes that is hard to define, her hands are delicate although showing some darker stains due to her age, with protuberant veins crisscrossing their back all the way to her arms. Her eyes are emerald and deep, her lips full, and her cheeks thin and chiseled. She must have been a real beauty when she was younger.