Alohan Nuari

Race  : Huamn            | Height: 61
Gender: Male             | Weight: 220 lbs
Age   : Young            | Eyes  : Brown
Size  : Medium           | Hair  : none

Description: Alohan is a few inches over six foot, ripped with lean muscle gained from a lifetime on the Pearl Island. His dark, walnut brown skin sits pristine over his lean frame very much exposed to the hot equatorial sun. The noble savage wears little in the way of clothes and even his loin cloth -made from dried seaweed- rarely makes an appearance. Had it not been for city law and customs, Alohan would forgo the annoying, restrictive presence of clothes.

What clothes fail to cover, tribal paint does instead. As per his people's tradition, Alohan is rarely seen without his customary cosmetics made from the countless berries found on the Isles of his homeland. They are often 'painted' onto his person in intricate designs which bear little meaning to people not native to his homeland increasing Alohan's savage appearance.