Venture Captain, Signifer Kaylynn Skarsol
Signifer Kaylynn Skarsol stands 5 feet 2 inches tall, with blood red hair down to her waist and piercing green eyes. She is 118 years old.

She wears black enameled and gold accented full-plate with the symbol of Asmodeus on the chest.

She has a gold mask covering most of her face (except for her mouth); a symbol of her status as a Hellknight Signifer, and a general in the Hellknight Army.

She is covered in tattoos, and sports many piercings all over her body.

She is always accompanied by her Imp familiar, Lex.

Background Info

> Kaylynn was born in Cheliax, to a noble family who were cousins of the House of Thrune.
> She began her wizarding career at an early age, developing a knack for Evoking.
> She is a tattoo artist by trade, having opened up several very successful tattoo shops (called "Strange Luck Tattoos") in both Absalom
 and Cheliax.
> When she turned 18, she joined the Pathfinders; joining the "Dark Archive" faction (naturally).
> She currently has a small Pathfinder Lodge, based out of Cheliax.
> She is friends with the Paracountess Zarta Dralneen (of the "Dark Archive" faction).
> She believes in Order, not necessarily the laws of Man; though she CANNOT abide oathbreakers.