Sojun Ruan
Name: Emperor Sojun Ruan

Age: 78

Gender: Male (6'4")


Few has had the privilege to see Sojun's appearance soon after he became king. The only image that remains is that of his more youthful years which everyone believed his son Shihong Ruan resembles him exactly!

He is a strong will leader. Leading with an open heart, he does not just take command of his troops but become a living example for what they fight for. Never has he ever putted them through anything that he has not stood beside them with. This strong leadership trait was carried with him as he became king. Not a day goes by without Sojun putting his whole heart in doing not what he considers as 'ruling one's country' but rather supporting it.

Sojun comes from a house of officials. Dating as far back as he could remember, his family has always served the king. Their loyalty ran far and great but as the next king came around, he had brought nothing but misery to his people. Trapped in a world of pleasure, he had never once thought of his country's well being. Many alliance was created by the enemy kingdoms in the way of marriages as they secretly infiltrated the palace from the core. Seeing this, Sojun could not watch their kingdom fall apart and took action to fight back against the tyrant king. Winning the hearts of his people, he has since ruled as a respected and beloved Emperor.

Family and Friends:
Wife: Chuntao (Deceased)
Elder Son: Shihong Ruan (Deceased)
Second Son: (Adoppted) Banri Ruan (Alive)
Grandchild (Banri's son): Anju (Alive)
Grandchild (Shihong's son): unknown

Goal: To find the last blood link of the Ruan family (Shihong's son).

Post color: Royalred
Thoughts: Italic