Lethriele Amanodel
Lethriele is a half-elf female, appearing in her early twenties in human years. She carries herself with grace and a certain degree of pride, almost always with a polite smile. Her skin is a golden brown color, and she is of slender build, with pointy, leaf-shaped ears and smaller hands and feet. Lethriele has soft, half-elven features, and her large, slanted, silver-gray eyes betray her elven ancestry to all who see her. However, it is clear that she could never pass for a full-blooded elf, as she is built a tad too heavily and her cheekbones are visible, but not as prominent as they would be had she been a true elf. She wears her thick, dark hair long, falling in waves that spiral into ringlets near the ends.
As her attire varies, it is most likely described in posts about her.