Bobbie Lumsden
Name:          Robert "Bobbie" Lumsden
Race:          Human
Profession:    Driver/Mechanic
Sex/Age:       Male/43
Height/Weight: 5'9""/170lbs
Nationality:   British
Service:       Royal Marine Commando

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1896 the son of a Ship Builder and a Nurse, Robert had a fairly happy childhood. Like many at the time his education was minimal, the basics of reading writing and arithmetic, and he looked forward to a career following his fathers footsteps in the Shipyards that lined the Clyde at the time. Starting his apprenticeship at the age of 14 at the Fairfield-Rowan & Co Shipyard in Govan his first taste of of the Military was as an Engine Room Fitter and Welder on the 1910 HMS Comet for the British Royal Navy. He continued on through 1910 until the outbreak of WWI in 1914 working on numerous Royal Navy Vessels at the yard including the HMS New Zealand, HMS Fortune and the HMS Undaunted

With the declaration of War with Germany in 1914 (aged 18), however, Robert felt the pull to take a more active role in defending the world against tyranny and oppression, joining the British Royal Marines. Serving in Antwerp in 1914 and then Gallipoli in 1915 he showed outstanding Bravery and aptitude for Military Life and Combat, and joined the British Army 63rd (Royal Navy) Division in 1916, spending the rest of the war on the Western Front among some of the heaviest fighting of the conflict.

Having survived the First World War Robert chose to continue in the Marines as a seasoned fighter. He could easily have attained a higher rank, however his temperament caused him no end of trouble. Being a Line Trooper and Veteran of the First World War Bobbie took a dim view of the Officers that had "led" them so effectively to their deaths. As such it was rare for him to hold his tongue, fists or forehead upon encountering the soft, clueless and inexperienced (in his opinion) Officer types for the most part. Thus he spent most of the interim between 1918 and 1939 in and out of Military Prison (known in the UK as The Glasshouse) for striking Superior Officers, usually Navy or Airforce Junior Officers. His current incarceration is due to headbutting a loud mouthed US Navy Airman/Navigator in a Portsmouth Pub after said Airman had shot his mouth off about American Bourbon being superior to Scottish Whisky.

Browning Auto-5 Whippet (12g)

Thompson SMG (.45)

Colt M1911 (.45)

S&W Model 10 Snubnose (.38)

Marine Commando Fighting Knife

Sap Club

Brass Knuckles