Raymond O'Connor

Name        : Raymond O'Connor
Profession  : Detective
Age         : 28
Height      : 6'3
Weight      : 190 lbs
Nationality : American

Raymond is a tall man, broad of shoulder. He inherited his father's build, then followed up his victory in the genetic lottery with a childhood and adolescence spent out of doors in the woods, tracking and hunting through the cold forests. Despite his youthful skin, Raymond's dark hair and perpetual five o'clock shadow lend him a rugged look, one which suits him. His eyes carry a weight that to some is quite familiar. They see in his features his father's eyes, perhaps, the weighted gaze of a man who has seen much more than any ever should of death and violence and pain. O'Connor is a man whose life has been given to walking in dark places, bearing alone the burden of man's protection. He is a grizzled modern knight, possessed of a New World nobility in his defense of Chicago's citizens. He stands tall and proud, the legacy of his father's discipline, and he meets gazes with everyone without fear or hesitation. In so many ways, he is his father's son, the son of a soldier, something immediately apparent upon meeting him.

And yet, he is his own man. Raymond is a calm, collected and well-considered individual, one whose blood does not run to hellfire at a moment's notice. He burns slowly, soaking in the world around him with motivated patience. His career has taught him the folly of the rash, and the value inherent in the measured, the deliberate. He moves with easy purpose, always comfortable where he is and with where he appears to be going. Imperturbable, he is not a man of choleric temperament, though he sometimes affects such a demeanor in the interrogation room as it suits his purposes. A student of humanity in his way, Raymond's patient eyes hold more than merely the anticipation and expectation of the next conflict. No, in those dark eyes glimmers a keen intellect, unfettered by the pretensions of the academic. Like blades, they cut through the facades of all around him, slicing deeply into their thoughts, their emotions and ultimately, their motivations.

Like his father a soldier of one fashion or another, Raymond's war over the past decade has not been with the threat external, but that which dwells within each man, woman and child. Raymond's war is one for the souls of humanity, and he faithfully serves on the front line every day of his life.