Princess Crystal
Name: Princess Crystal

Race: Human

Age:  20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110 Lb

Hair Color: Dark Brunette, almost Black.

Eye Color: Hazel (can change depending on attitude)

Complexion: Pale Peach

Markings: Double crescent moon with a star in the center, located between shoulder blades.

Physical Appearance: Some would say that she is as beautiful as an angel, but she considers herself pretty average. Curves in all the right places. You can often time see her wearing royal purple dresses that enhance (or seam to) her beauty.

Personality: Kind, caring, loving, cares nothing for self only others. Can be very timid at the beginning

Sexual Preference: Straight

Likes: color purple or violet, collecting coins, collecting books (Crystal loves to read. She loves how it takes her places she can never go.)

Dislikes: Being alone, the dark, violence, high places, and spiders.

Flaws & Weaknesses: She is an average girl who could fall in love with anyone willing to rescue her from this horrid life.

Bio: Born the only girl in a family of five, Crystal grew up very protected, over protected in some opinions. She was never allowed to leave the castle unless escorted by one of her brothers or a slew of knights. In order to protect her even further her parents, King Darren and Queen Cecilia, made sure that she knew how to use a sword for self defense as well as a bow and arrows.

One day raiders came and ransacked the town. They also attacked the castle and kidnapped her. During the fight her father was mortally wounded, he lay there calling for her as the men ran. He died just a few hours later, not knowing what fate had befallen his only daughter.

Crystal in turn, has no clue as to what happened to her family. She is currently awaiting rescue. And is unable to protect herself as she has been tied up.