Princess Anna Marie
Name: Princess Anna Marie
Age: 20
Gender/Race: Female/Half Elf
Trade/Occupation: Princess
Physical Description: Height: 5'2"
Weight: approx 110Lb
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Complexion: Average for an elf
Markings: Double crescent moon with a star in the center, located between shoulder blades.

Physical Appearance: Some would say that she is as beautiful as an angel, but she considers herself pretty average. Curves in all the right places. You can often time see her wearing blue or red dresses that enhance (or seam to) her beauty.

Personality: Kind, caring, loving, cares nothing for self only others. Can be very timid at the beginning. Is very loyal to her friends and family.

Background: ???

Weapons of Choice: Long Sword and Long Bow

Additional Information:

Likes: color blue or red, collecting coins, collecting books (Anna loves to read. She loves how it takes her places she can never go.)
Dislikes: Being alone, the dark, violence, high places, and spiders.