Princess Melody Darling
Name: Melody Darling

Race: [Human or Fae] High Fae

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 118

Hair Color: dark brunette almost black

Eye Color: Hazel (color can change depending on her feelings or mood at the time)

Complexion: pale peach

Markings: double crescent moon in the shape of a circle with a golden star in the center. Located between her shoulder blades.

Physical Appearance: Some say she's drop dead gorgeous or has the body of an angel, but she thinks of herself as average.

Personality: Kind, caring, loving etc.

Sexual Preference: Likes guys and only guys

Likes: loves to read, archery, sword fighting, and piano.

Dislikes: disloyalty and bullies

Flaws & Weaknesses: fear of heights, spiders, and needles.

Bio:  She grew up in the popular district, fancy mansion, plenty of food. Her love for reading and thirst for knowledge drew her to the Morgan Library. Only the best for their little girl. No parents are around anymore as they both passed on. Her "father" left her the house so she at least had a home to live in. They never knew that she was not their birth daughter. She was a changeling baby left in place of a sickly child.

Given what legend tells us about the Alfir and Aos Si, their powers might include one or more of:  Healing.  Light and Illusion.  Shape changing.  Talking to Animals.  "Jinxing", faerie sight, (the ability to see invisible and hidden things) and the ability to pass between the Mortal and Faerie worlds, when she finds a portal.

She can preform healing and talks to animals.

And has Some limited mind reading in the form of random psychic visions.