Rob Peck
Name: Rob Peck

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 210

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion: Fair

Markings: None

Physical Appearance: Rob is a lean, muscular man with shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes. He prefers to wear business slacks with Oxford shoes as his everyday attire, adding on a regular black T-shirt when he's not working out or fighting in the ring, and a white muscle shirt when he is.

Personality: Rob is a family oriented man, a carefree spirit, and an American patriot. At least, that's how he portrays himself when he wrestles. His portrayal in the ring is really exaggerated, and though he has those qualities in his daily life, they're more subdued than anything he portrays in the ring. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and dreams of being seen as a hero to the common man.

Rob considers himself attractive (for good reason), and loves teasing women who become infatuated with him. Despite this, he's terrible at actually dating, and if a woman were to actually try to start a relationship with him, he'd be caught off guard. He puts on a show of playing around, but he's never actually been intimate with a woman.

Sexual Preference: Straight, and loves women.

Likes: Freedom, fighting, reading (mostly philosophy, history, or fantasy), and music.

Dislikes: Braggarts, losing, "entitled assclowns."

Flaws & Weaknesses: As stated before, Rob loves women, but has never been comfortable starting a relationship. As well, he has a big mouth, and constantly gets himself into trouble. One day, he'll get in way over his head, but as of now, this has yet to happen.

At the same time, Rob exhibits an overconfidence in his abilities, and will rush head first into a situation without thinking things through. This, coupled with the fact that he's a loose cannon will likely be the death of him.