Melody Elizabeth Darling
Name: Melody Elizabeth Darling

Race: Human

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 118

Hair Color: dark brunette almost black

Eye Color: Hazel (color can change depending on her feelings or mood at the time)

Complexion: pale peach

Markings: double crescent moon in the shape of a circle with a golden star in the center. Located between her shoulder blades.

Physical Appearance: Some say she's drop dead gorgeous or has the body of an angel, but she thinks of herself as average.

Personality: Kind, caring, loving etc.

Sexual Preference: Unsure

Likes: loves to read, archery, sword fighting, and piano. Loves the fact she owns her own book store.

Dislikes: disloyalty and bullies

Flaws & Weaknesses: fear of heights, spiders, and needles.

Bio: Both of Melody's parents were good people, and nothing bad should ever happen to them. But it did...

Melody's parents owned a book store "Stories Forever" and business was great. When Melody was ten years old her mother died of cancer and Melody began helping her dad in the store after school. When she was 18 and just graduated her father died in a car accident leaving her the house and the book store. For the last year now things have been going well. Both the house and store were paid for, all she had to pay was property taxes.