Name: Serenity

Race: Human

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 52

Weight: 118lbs

Hair Color: Red like Autumn leaves

Eye Color: Green like emeralds

Complexion: medium

Markings: Scars across her back from whips, chains, and other things that can be used to cause harm. (These were done with out Melody's knowledge)

Physical Appearance: Some would say that she is as beautiful as an angel, but she considers herself pretty average. Curves in all the right places. You can often time see her wearing Green to bring out the color of her eyes and to match her Mistress.

Personality: Kind, caring, loving, cares nothing for self only others. Can be very timid at the beginning. Is very loyal to her mistress.

Sexual Preference: Lesbian

Likes: Being loved and protected by her Mistress, loves helping her mistress collect books.

Dislikes: Being beaten for no reason, being alone, the dark, high places and betrayal.

Other information: Has some healing powers and also the ability to create illusions that look and feel real.